Home Medical Monitoring Technology Priceless For Seniors

Senior medical alert systems offer a line of defense to elderly individuals who may have health problems, and to those who are simply growing more fragile with age. Many elderly home alarm systems also offer services that notify elderly patients when they need to take their medication.

Taking that a step further, medical response system outfits can even provide seniors with a medication organizer that is set up to ensure medications are taken in a timely, orderly fashion, virtually eliminating the possibility of a senior double-dosing.

One of the most appreciated benefits of senior alarm systems is the peace of mind they offer family and friends of the senior. Just because a person is elderly and may need some occasional assistance doesnt mean they no longer desire their independence. A multitude of seniors live in their own homes or apartments for many years with the comfortable of knowing the push of a button on a medical alert bracelet or necklace will trigger a quick reaction from medical alarm responders.

Services and Technology Always Evolving

Until recently, senior medical alert systems required a telephone landline to operate. These types of systems function through the use of a phone line that plugs into a medical monitoring box or panel to establish communication between the senior and the monitoring station. In situations where trouble arises, the monitoring box acts as a receiver,” allowing the elderly adult to initiate two-way communication by pressing the alert button on their bracelet or necklace.

The range on these units is typically around 300 feet. The higher-end units can reach as far as 600 feet. And while typical battery backups on these units last between 12 to 24 hours, the monitoring center for most of these systems will be alerted if a battery is running low or expires.

These units have a number of safeguards in case of issues such as power outages arise. Many of these systems will also override a phone call if the senior is on the phone at the time of an emergency. For an additional fee, an add-on can be installed, which guarantees an emergency transmission will take precedence over a phone call.

In addition to recent upgrades in medication alerts and distribution is the introduction of more sensitive fall detector equipment. Fall and motion sensor technology continues to advance. Not long ago, seniors would have to take a rather significant tumble to trigger a fall sensor. Today, these sensors can detect slighter and less aggressive movements, resulting in fewer incidents from slipping through the cracks.

Senior medical alert systems operating through landlines remain popular as they continue to save lives and offer comfort to seniors and their loved ones. But the new wave of home medical monitoring and alert systems are slated to open up a whole new world to seniors.

Also known as remote units, these systems will eliminate some of the limitations of landline-based systems by allowing seniors to travel further from their homes and still be within range of monitors. These systems are also expected to feature enhanced monitoring and tracking capabilities that allow a seniors vital signs to be monitored from a remote location.

While there are costs associated with having a home medical monitoring system in place, they pale in comparison to the expense of a nursing home or assisted living facility. All in all, the freedom and independence these systems offer to our seniors is worth every cent.

Christine Roberts, vice president of marketing for ResponseLink, is the author of this article about medical alerts, personal alarm systems and emergency response for seniors. ResponseLink offers protection during a personal emergency through 24-hour emergency medical help available at the press of a button.

Discover Skin Care For the Elderly That Rebuilds Healthy Tissue

One of the unfortunate facts of life is that as we age, the health of our skin begins to diminish. However, with the right skin care for the elderly this process can be slowed down and sometimes reversed. This article will look at some things that you can do to restore the health back into your skin that it once had.

Probably the biggest cause of the quality of our skin decreasing as we age is the fact that our body no longer produces the same level of collagen and elastin did it once did. The result of this is that lines and wrinkles begin forming in the skin as it loses its firmness.

However, thanks to the many advancement in skincare technology in recent years, with the right skin creams and lotions it is now possible to rebuild collagen and elastin levels. Don’t let yourself be misled by much of the marketing that you see out there though.

Many of the large skincare manufactures will try to make you think that you need collagen in the creams and lotions you use in order to rebuild collagen levels. After all, it makes sense doesn’t it?

The truth is that science has shown that collagen cannot penetrate the skin. The collagen molecule is just simply too large. In other words, any collagen that you spread on your skin will just sit there. The only way to increase collagen and elastin levels is to provide the nutrients that your body requires for its production.

Here are some of the skin care ingredients that you’ll want to look for that been shown scientifically to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The most effective ingredient that I’m aware of for skin care for the elderly is called Cynergy TK, which contains high levels of the protein, keratin.

Keratin is one of the primary building blocks of both collagen and elastin. The keratin found in Cynergy TK is in a functional form, meaning that it is bio available so that it is easily absorbed and can be used by the body.

This wonderful substance has undergone stringent laboratory and clinical testing which have proven its ability to:

1. Naturally build collagen and elastin proteins.
2. Increase the moisture content of the skin by as much as 28%.
3. Stimulate the production of new skin cells by as much as 160%.

As Cynergy TK does these three things, wrinkles diminish while the overall health of the skin improves.

In addition to building collagen and elastin, skin care for the elderly needs to address issues related to dry skin. This means it should contain the very best natural moisturizers available. Two of my favorites are avocado oil and shea butter.

The makeup of these two natural oils is very similar to the oils produced by the human skin and therefore they are easily absorbed without leaving the skin feeling greasy. They both contain very high levels of vitamins and minerals which nourish the skin while keeping it hydrated. Avocado oil has even been shown to increase collagen production.

These are the types of ingredients that make up the best skin care for the elderly. Creams and lotions that contain natural substances like Cynergy TK and plant based moisturizers support healthy skin tissue in ways that the run of the mill skin care products cannot.

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