Types of Aetrex Shoes

Aetrex shoes come in a variety. There are shoes that can be used for walking, running; there are casual and sandal shoes that are available in stretchable materials. These shoes have been made to keep your feet comfortable. All colors are available with these types of shoes. Colors range from white, gray, black, blue and brown. Different designs have also been used. There is office wear, causal wear, sport wear and others that can even be used for outings or hiking. These shoes also have removable insoles.

Several features come with these types of shoes. There are the Apex Ambulatory shoes that are found in a wide range of sizes and widths. The main advantage with these shoes is that they have extra depth. This ensures even the widest feet can get a correct fit. They can be used for diabetic people.

Another type is the Lynco Orthotics that has arch support. They offer support to your leg making walking easy and people with arthritis are best suited with these shoes. These arches have been used to make sport shoes, and especially golf shoes. They can also be used by people with diabetes.

The sandalistas are open shoes with straps. They normally come in ivory, blue and black colors. Most have two straps across them with medium sized and attractive buckles that are tied at the side. They also have a foam top cover as well as in built lynco support. This kind is good for shopping or when taking a walk in the park

Aetrex is also available as men’s and women’s shoes. Both genders can wear these kinds of shoes, as most are quite similar. Some come in leather and they can be used in the office or school. Also available are suede ones that have strap in front to hold your feet in position.

Also available are the diabetic shoes that have copper threading that makes the socks have healing properties. Copper has been proven to have healing properties. Therefore, the use of copper thread has made them one of the healthiest socks around.  They help in prevention of bacteria and fungi. With these socks, you cannot experience smelly feet.

Your feet will also be kept smooth and looking healthy. They also come in different sizes.

These shoes are also available in stretchable. The stretchable are made of an elastic material that can enable different sizes of feet to fit in one size of shoes. They look narrow at sight but can fit most of the widest feet. Most have wedge soles and leather toenail cap detail. Inside the shoes, are soft leather linings to enable the feet to breathe. A rubber outsole has been use for shock absorption purposes. Another type is the ivory loafer that resembles ivory in color. It is good for people with feet problems such as heel pain, ball foot pain, bunions and arthritis. They have mosaic designs to ensure comfort and taste.

Aetrex are therefore the best for diabetic people. This is because Aetrex Shoes are very comfortable and have healthy properties.

Top Online Sporting Goods Retailers

Finding the right sporting goods and apparel can sometimes be a frustrating event. It seems like there are an endless supply of stores, but of these which are the best?

Below is a listing of some of the top places to find sporting goods on the Internet. Some of these also have brick and mortar stores, so if there is one in your area, you can go and try on or test out the merchandise before you buy it.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

– Dick’s is a large national chain whose slogan is “Dedicated to the Dedicated.” Their selection is large and they carry most every name brand you can look for. Their prices are not bottom barrel, but they do run weekly specials that you can access by clicking on the “Weekly Circular” link at the bottom of their homepage.

The Sports Authority

– TSA is unique in that its website and brick and mortar stores are essentially run by two different companies. Because of this the selection on Internet vs brick and mortar differ drastically and the downside is that you cannot return items purchased online at your local store.

Sport Chalet

– The Sports Chalet is a publicly traded company generally with large brick and mortar stores. They specialize in all sports ranging from common one to more abstract or unique sports.

Academy Sports + Outdoors

– Academy Sports + Outdoors has retail stores located in the southeastern United States and focuses on both traditional and outdoor sports. They offer low prices, which sometimes translates into prior year models, but if you don’t care about that they are a very reputable dealer.

Modell’s Sporting Goods

– If you are from, or have visited the Northeast, you have probably heard of Modell’s. People outside that area may not have, but that shouldn’t deter you from visitng their stores. As one of the oldest sporting goods stores in the country, “Mo’s” does a fine job of offering products for every rec athlete.

Paragon Sports

– Paragon is a one store operation, but with a large online presence. They claim to have 30,000 items online and 50,000 items in their store, so if you happen to be in New York and are looking for athletic supplies, your best bet is to head on over to their flagship store.


– Eastbay was one of the first nationwide retail chains designed with the athlete in mind. From the early days of mailed catalogs to today’s Internet age, Eastbay is a great resource for all athletes. They are especially good at customizing uniforms and gear for team use.

Play It Again Sports

Play It Again Sports probably the most famous used sporting good store in the country. If you don’t mind hand me downs, you can save 50%-80% on most all goods in the store.

So the next time you are in the market for some sporting goods, keep the above retailers in mind, as you are sure to find exactly what you want.

Keep sporting!

Evan Pfaff is co-owner of Who’s In First.