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China is known as the shoe-making power, a large number, but not a shoe-making power. According to statistics, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province had 3,000 shoe-making enterprises, exporting more than 400 million pairs of sports shoes. Of these, only Li Ning , Anta and a number of considerable reputation in domestic shoe business, style and quality are of international standards, only in the international market is slightly bullish, be recognized by consumers and international peers. Most of the domestic sports brand in the international market is not “popular in” unknown.

Jinjiang — praised as ” Shoes . “Jinjiang City, there are more than 3,000 light of various sizes, of varying quality shoe company; indeed cultivated a group of like Anta, globe, three-Hing, Del Hui, Buick Love Church, etc. Shoes China’s leading enterprises and renowned sports brand. However, many enterprises in this inevitable cohabitation, to fish in the no-name not unusual.

Jinjiang footwear industry to provide a professional services company CEOs privately, said: “Jinjiang thousands Shoe Going to become a group or several companies. They all have their own brand. How to jump in the mix, we think only of play Advertisement . Otherwise, they are most likely to face shrinking market outcome. “So, to advertise, please image Spokesperson Become a part of marketing. Jinjiang footwear enterprises

popular for celebrities to play voice of the phenomenon, shoes for small and medium enterprises to provide brand promotion strategy and integration services for the famous brand planner Silver Tiger’s opinion, the corporate image of celebrities as spokespersons, consumers willing to accepted, easy to spread quickly brand names. However, the vast majority of footwear enterprises in Jinjiang hire celebrities image spokesmen also blind, follow the trend is serious; and the mode of operation is too rough, almost all stars + advertising, is very unscientific. In addition, generally small-scale footwear enterprises in Jinjiang, power shortage, poor efficiency, reputation is not big enough to hire a star, a great sensation on the less obvious, does not seem proportional to the input and output. Both the star’s fame, star appearance fees, advertising, marketing, footwear enterprises in Jinjiang and Wenzhou peers, there is still a large gap. Korea, for example Erke employ “small days” Jang Nara to do their brand spokesperson. “Little Tin Hau” really is a star, but fame is not big enough, is not recognized in China. Therefore, it can hardly reach the desired star effect. Thus, Erke can turn public relations, communication with public relations, to expand its brand influence, and benefit; professional brand promotion in a big step.

Xidelong in advertising is not far behind. Following Erke “small days”, the hastened to request the original “four kings” Aaron Kwok, one certainly has spent a considerable cost. Guo handsome guy with a song “Power of Love” and embarked on the road advertising competition. China’s “king” than those of South Korea’s “Little Tin Hau” formidable, star effects are quick success. Better people out of Guo’s love, or out of his favorite songs, “Love me, love my dog”, Shunpian Mai Chuan Chuan Guo endorsement of sports shoes.

Should be noted that the star is only one way to build brands, businesses do not need to rush into action. On celebrity endorsements should be cautious. Al American marketing expert? Rees said: “The role of advertising is not to create a new brand, and the role of advertising is to build the brand in the PR success was to maintain the brand.” With the development of sports shoes, sports shoes also have gradually return to the mid-range and simple style trends. Sports shoes consumers increasingly pay attention to technology and quality. The success of a brand, in addition to the external packaging and branding, the inherent “technology gold content” is the key. Putting in a lot of advertising, pay big bucks on big stars, is committed to Ad-Star Effect, not as put out some money for shoes technology R & D, take the “technology innovation” the development of new routes. While improving quality, while grasping promote better and more practical.

Many experts believe that the athletic shoe industry as an industry, of course, to benefit. Footwear makers are to gain more benefits, you have to build a popular consumer brand. Similarly, the public relations media, news reports can be considered as a medium of their business products. This media product management, in fact the newspaper will gather information on their pages or sold to advertisers, audiences are to get economic benefits, and here is the audience’s attention on the sale of resources. In this way, the product quality up, and the other end of the brand is not difficult. With appropriate communication, increase their brand awareness and product sales can not be overemphasized.

Therefore, shoe companies on brand awareness must not only remain in the narrow sense of the company and product names, logo concept, should be broad and inclusive brand product quality, management level, technical level, the size of , market image and meet the market demand and so to understand the brand equity to build a proper brand awareness. Furthermore, should also be fully aware of the brand is not “life tenure”, the brand value of the assets is also a dynamic existed. Its size depends on the business of technology, management, marketing support of the competitiveness of the size. To create an international brand in China, we must fully understand the brand strategy, and apply them to the enterprise expansion process. Comment Large In Small

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Win The Olympic Marketing – Olympic Marketing, Sports Shoes – Sports And Leisure Industry

4-yearly Olympics Event coming up, and making determined efforts of many companies has been a long time are also figuring out how to maximize the benefits of Olympic marketing. Whether they are Olympic sponsors or suppliers, they are most concerned about is not limited to the Olympic Games itself, the queue off Olympic marketing gold, silver or bronze is the most critical.

After all, the Olympic marketing budget, but astronomical: the cheapest “Olympic supplier” have more than 16 million yuan, “the sole supplier” is 41 million yuan start, plus supporting Advertisement Input and channel inputs, the cost of the Olympic marketing almost always more than 100 million yuan.

Although for different purposes, most companies still vying to this queue.
Glory and dream Twists and turns of Beijing’s bid, while in the remarkable, after the successful Olympic bid, many businesses already gearing up to become Olympic sponsors their doorstep. For the Chinese, the Olympics is not just a sporting event, or the glory and the dream of Chinese people, it is a manifestation of national strength and public participation process. Around the world enjoy the exciting sporting events, savor Olin Peak Spirit of the feast and a number of creative excellence, Package Excellent brand will always attract the audience’s attention, time, fit the demands of the brand concept and vision is very easy to find and Consumption The best way to communicate.

For enterprises, able to see their business during the Olympic Games LOGO or advertisements displayed on the front of the world, it is tantamount to a great honor.

In fact, the reform and opening up the economy to take off soon after the birth of many excellent enterprises atmosphere, which in previous Olympic Games that brought on the Chinese written characters with Logo Brought to the world. 4 years once the Olympics is more like a business in the T station, various “models” Phi Hung Gualv after packaging, a new, enjoy showed off flavor.

Both the manufacturing enterprise, Service Provider, or Network Media companies have enjoy waving the Olympic brand, to bloom in the warm summer light out passionate.

The automotive industry as an example, as a top sponsor of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the only corporate sponsor of the car, Public Automotive Group will be provided during the Beijing Olympic Games 5000 work car, and this is only the public a means of marketing the Olympics. May 2008 ~ August, the public-sponsored “Olympic Torch Relay” will launch a marketing climax: when the Olympic torch will be distributed through the world’s major cities, and then reached 113 Chinese cities of different sizes, Volkswagen will be full participation logistics work. There is no doubt that the opening of the Olympic marketing activities will be held on the eve of the brand to bring the public around the world, its long duration, affecting a wide range of characteristics of the brand will bring huge business reputation.

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