Hot Tuning & Waxing Tips for Ski and Snowboard Sports

You shouldn’t compromise when it comes to waxing and tuning your snowboard or skis.

Keeping your gear in great shape is a way to ensure your safety, and it also allows you to make more progress in improving your abilities. Skiing or snowboarding can be fun and exciting, and not everyone wants to worry about taking care of their equipment, but it’s something you have to consider. So in this article, we’re going to highlight some solid waxing and tuning tips for ski and snowboard alike.

Keeping a good edge and wax job on your skis is good for many reasons. Dull edges can cause you to fall so we’re not only talking about performance but also safety. Dull ski edges won’t be able to grip properly when skiing on ice. If your skis don’t grip, then you’ll spend a lot of time falling down and getting up. The wax on your skis needs to be right for your conditions in addition to being properly applied. Temperatures can be a big factor, as well. If it’s too cold outside for the wax that you used, it can cause you to slow down. So when planning ahead, be sure to consider all of these factors. You can do yourself a lot of good by simply doing the minimum maintenance to your ski base and edge. Not everyone has the time to do as much maintenance as possible. So, if you’re a bit of a minimalist with things, then at least do the minimum amount of basic care for your skis or snowboard. You should always dry your gear after a day on the mountains. Hit the edges with a diamond stone, but do it properly, so you can keep a good sharp edge on your skis. Knowing when the edges are sharp will come with practice.

A brush should be used to remove any wax from the base that’s left after you’ve edged your skis. It’s best to have two brushes for this job, a horse hair or other stiff brush to begin with. Then, if you want the best results, you should also use a nylon brush. Brush the skis thoroughly, starting at the tip and ending with the tail. When you’re finished brushing you won’t see hardly any wax getting brushed out.

Keeping your skis and boards tuned is an important part of participating in winter sports.

Learning how to tune and maintain your gear will keep you safer, and it will mean your equipment lasts longer. People who take skiing or boarding seriously know the value of keeping their gear in top condition. When you start out, you can rely to some extent on the pros who work in shops for advice, but as you get more experienced you’ll learn to trust your own instincts. But as always, the gear is yours and it’s your call. By properly maintaining your ski and snowboard gear, you’ll be making yourself safer and more able to reach higher levels in these great sports.

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