Designing a Sports Themed Room

Most boys love sports, most probably your son too. So why not let him enjoy his favorite sport even in his dreams by giving him a sports themed bedroom. It’s easy to do this by following the tips below.

First of all, you will want to give him a theme related to his favorite sport, be it baseball, soccer, basketball or football. You should know which it is he likes easily, but if he likes a variety, ask him which his favorite sport is.

For his walls, you have a variety of colors to choose from as you are not restricted to one color of paint. If he likes Arsenal, be sure to have red as your main color theme in the room. You may opt for wallpaper, instead, which has images of his favorite sports team. If you do paint the walls, you may still add borders or stencil images such as a sports scene, goal score, team logo or different balls. You may also have these images in the form of peel and stick decals as well as wallpaper murals. If there isn’t a particular team color to chose from, blue is always a good option for a boy’s sports themed room.

For his bedding, opt for a generic sports themed bed set, or buy the ones custom made of a particular sports team such as the New York Knicks. If you can’t find one of a particular favorite team, settle for a bed set in the colors of his favorite team.

Get a soft comfortable area rug, in his favorite team color, on which he can roll around as most young boys like to do. You can find area rugs bearing the team logo of his favorite team easily.

For his window treatments, you can find curtains that come in the complete team bed set to complete the whole sports themed room. Alternatively, you can always do up your own curtains and pillow covers by selecting fabrics in the particular team color then buying logo labels and sewing them onto the covers.

For the accessories, line up stuffed animals of the team’s mascot, and also pile up pillows which have the team logo. His stuffed animals could be sporting his favorite team jersey. Display these on shelves along the walls. You can get a lot of small balls which you may also display on the shelves. Posters are another great way to decorate the walls. These may be of his favorite star athlete or team. Baseball caps, helmets and trophies he has won may also be lined up along the shelves. He will be very proud to have these in a visible place for all his friends to see. Personalize the room further by displaying photos of him in his sports gear. You may also create a sports image collage by cutting out photos from a sports magazine.

Sports themed room decor is readily available and affordable. Give your son a room he will enjoy being in for a long time.

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