Top Gear Apps Available From Bbc Worldwide.

Broadcasting giants BBC Worldwide has made available to the users of the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch, two apps based on the famous motoring show Top Gear.
As the two apps would undoubtedly be car related environments, one could say that the apps are rather innovatively designed. The first, aptly named the Top Gear: Stunt School app, is based on beating the time set by the famous Stig around the well built Top Gear race track.
To do so, users can take into consideration a spectrum of after market car parts which can aid in modifying their cars and provide them with an edge over the others during their lap time. These include a continuum of parts from jet engines to over sized wheels to even hang-glider wings.
Although the second app does not include having to race against the clock, it does do with the user trying to follow faceless Stigs footsteps around the globe and pin down his position as soon as possible. This app is called Top Gear: Wheres Stig.
Well the pricing of these apps is not too hard on the pocket as well. Top Gear: Wheres Stig is available for 1.79 on the iPhone and iPod touch, while iPad user shall pay 2.39 for the same. Meanwhile the other app Top Gear: Stunt School is available for 2.39 on the iPhone and iPod and for 2.99 on the iPad.
In other digital BBC news, BBC Worldwide also launched an international version of the iPlayer but only available to iPad users earlier this month.
Although this is not currently available, but the catch is that it is subscription only based app that would be soon obtainable in the New Year. This project is headed by former BBC Vision director Jana Bennett who will be the one responsible for the apps presence. She took seat as president for worldwide networks and the global iPlayer at BBC Worldwide sometime this month.

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Motocross Protective Gear Riders Safety Tips

Motocross racing is a sport that involves a high risk to life. With high speeds and death defying stunts, tragedies in the motocross world are common. While it is all right to live on the edge, it is also foolhardy to risk one’s life by not wearing or carrying proper safety gear.

Firstly, take a good look at the motocross bike. A bike must suit its owner, and the latter must be extremely comfortable on it. During racing performances, the motorcycle becomes an extension of the biker’s body. For that comfort level, the bike must be structured to fit in with the height, weight and body shape of the rider.

The rider should always be wearing protective gear like proper full length motocross clothes, tough gloves, goggles, chest protector and boots as well. Neck support and knee brace are also essential to the rider safety. Whether the biker is a newbie or a veteran rider is irrelevant. One can never be play too safe. Then comes one of the most important piece of safety equipment, which is the helmet. It should be structured to fit the head of the wear and should be comfortable. Secondly, it should be light, so as to guarantee flexibility and most importantly, should have a Snell M95 rating. This ensures that it has undergone a series of safety tests and matches up to the prescribed safety standards as tested by the Snell Helmet Foundation. Also, try not to buy any second helmets second hand. A lot of bikers die due to head injuries, so never compromise on this.

Any form of motocross chest protection should cover the ribcage but should not interfere with the sitting position of the rider. The protective cover should encompass the shoulders as well. For an experienced rider, a kidney belt is essential as well. So are elbow guards, knee pads and the like. These provide protection from potential fractures and deep bruises, both of which are very common forms of injuring in off-road biking activities. Gloves should be comfortable as well and waterproof. Again, goggles should always coincide with the size of the helmet. Vision is all important while racing and therefore goggles should ensure that no dirt or particles penetrate the eyes during riding tear-off’s work good to keep your lenses clean when riding in muddy conditions.

Thus, while having a good time on the off-road dirt trails, make sure that you are well geared and well protected for the rough ride ahead. Have fun and be safe.

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