Paintball Equipment – 2 Cheap Online Sources For Paintball Gear

Like most sports, if you play them at a competitive level you will need to invest in decent equipment. This can be expensive especially if you plan to buy competition level paintball equipment. So in this article I will outline 2 sources that you can use to find paintball equipment for cheap.

Ebay –

There are many power sellers on e-bay who sell directly from wholeseller’s offering paintball gear for relatively cheap in comparison to what you would pay in a paintball shop. One tip when buying on Ebay is to use the going going gone function. This function allows you to search for paintball auctions that are finishing within the next hour. If people have listed their items to finish late at night or in the middle of the day i.e when everyone’s at work, you can often buy new paintball equipment for very cheap.

Wholesalers –

There are numerous wholesalers who sell paintball equipment directly to larger sellers. There are a few different ways to find out who these wholesalers are listed below;

Ebay drop-shipping forums – There are lots of forums that are dedicated to helping ebay sellers find cheap wholesalers. If you go to Google it will take you a matter of minutes to find a few of these forums and then start identifying wholesalers.

Contact Ebay Power Sellers – You could contact numerous sellers on ebay and ask them where they buy their equipment from for “assurance of its quality” or something similar. Once you get a few wholesalers names start contacting them, as many of them will sell single units of stock i.e paintball markers and equipment for very cheap.

If you use these two sources above you should be able to find companies that will sell you paintball equipment for a lot cheaper than you could find elsewhere. One easier alternative could be to contact the large paintball companies in the UK ask them if they can order you the same equipment they use for their staff, as they will buy this directly through wholesalers at a much cheaper price than individuals will be able to buy it.


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