The No Fail Tactic To Make Him Realize He Still Loves You – Caution! He May Become Addicted To You

If your relationship ended with harsh words and accusations, you might think it is over for good. If you still love your man and want him back, it can be done. Your ex boyfriend probably said his share of harsh words also and he might be wondering if he can get his ex back. Love does not die because of a breakup. There is a no fail tactic to make him realize he still loves you.

It would be nice if you could just call your ex boyfriend and he would tell you he loves you and come running back. That only happens on television and in the movies. This is real life and it takes real life tactics that never fail to get your ex back. One of those tactics involves male psychology. As hard as it might be to do, you have to let him go. Not forever, and you are not really going to let him go. You are just going to work on his mind by making him think you are letting him go. This will get his attention very fast.

The best thing you can do is to disappear. Take a mini vacation or visit relatives and friends that live in another city or state. If it is not possible to get away right now at least stay off his radar. When he looks around and realizes that you are not trying to get him back and you have disappeared he will be confused. Your ex boyfriend was counting on you coming after him when he broke up with you. Now his plans to make you beg him to come back have blown up in his face.

This will make him wonder if breaking up with you was a good idea. He will also become aware of a huge void in his life and soon he will realize the void used to be filed with you. He will remember your voice and your sweet smile and your ex boyfriend will miss you like crazy. He will try to call you, but you should not take his call. This will be using male psychology to make him feel you are no longer available to him.

He will begin to kick himself for being so stupid. He sees that you are the best thing that ever happened to him and he threw it away. Male psychology will also tell you that the longer a man is away from the woman he loves, the more lovely and desirable she becomes. By using the tactic that never fails, you have given him the opportunity to experience his life without you. He sees how much he loves you and does not want to spend his future without you. Your ex boyfriend will find a way of contacting you and when he does, he will be begging you to take him back.

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Is it Worth the Risk to Give Your Heart Back to Your Cheating Husband?

It takes a strong woman to give her heart back to the man who has cheated on her. Is it worth the risk to give your heart back to your cheating husband? There are times when it is and others when it may not be the right choice for you. How do you know the difference?

Ask these questions to see if giving your heart back to your cheating husband is a good move for you.

1) Do you still love your husband? This is the first question you must have the answer to. There’s no point in going on if you do not. It doesn’t matter that you have kids together or want to do the right thing by them. Your kids will be better served by parents that are happy apart than parents that are miserable together. Trust me when I tell you that. You must love your husband without question if you’re going to make this work.

2) Does your husband love you? This is the second important factor. If there is no love left in the relationship then it’s time to move on. You can win back his love but don’t expect fast results if you need to overcome this particular hurdle. The good news is that, for men, cheating has very little to do with a lack of love for you. He probably still loves and cares for you very much.

3) Do you have more good times together as a couple than bad times? If you drew a two columns, one for good times and one for bad, which would have the most check marks? You want to spend your life with someone you have good times with and not someone that you tolerate the presence of. Love is not enough if the relationship is fundamentally flawed.

4) Do you believe the marriage is worth saving? Not all marriages are but if you believe yours has promise and that you can fix it there’s no reason you shouldn’t at least try. If the other elements, love, good times, etc. are present it’s a good start worth exploring.

5) Why do you want to save your marriage? Before you get involved in a plan to save your marriage and give your heart back to your cheating husband it’s a good idea to explore why you want to save it in the first place. Explore your motives and make sure they are pure.

It’s not enough to just want to get your husband back after he cheats on you. You have to be willing to do the work to make that happen and willing to risk giving your heart back to your cheating husband.


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