Does My Ex Still Love Me? Here Are the Most Effective Ways to Figure it Out Before It’s Too Late

All of us have experienced break ups, it could be that you were the one who left the relationship or you were the one left or dumped. However, if there will come a time that you came to realize that you’re still in love with your ex and you would like to rekindle the relationship, then you should know if your ex still has feelings for you.

Identifying if your ex still has feelings for you is crucial especially if you want to get your ex back and give your relationship a second chance. There are a lot of possible ways to determine if your ex still loves you. You just need to be more observant so that you’ll be able to interpret the messages that your ex’s actions convey. Here are some tips to know if your ex still loves you.

Notice if your ex shows up at places where you hang out the most. This means that your ex is doing a lot of effort to go to parties where you will surely go and to places where you always go because he/she wants you to see him/her. Your ex will try to impress you and make you notice his/her presence. If your ex is doing this, you are assured that your ex still loves you.

An ex who frequently calls everyday even without any valid reasons means that he/she would like to hear your voice and would like to know what is happening to your life. This indicates that your ex still loves you.
You may have noticed that all of a sudden, your friends are becoming interested in your life. Without you knowing, this may have been caused by your ex who wants to know the happenings in your life. This is a sign that your ex is still in love with you.

If you and your ex is still constantly communicating with each other and your ex asks you out, then this is very indicative that your ex still wants your company and still has strong feelings for you.

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