Parent’s Love : the Source of Children’s Self-Confidence

The Young often complain that they are lack of confidence and do not know how to build it. As a matter of fact, one`s confidence needs to be cultivated since childhood, and postnatal factors occupy a considerable proportion in children`s growth. The direct source of children`s confidence is from their parents` love which can enable them to bring their potentiality into full display and feel easy to control their life.Attachments of tiffany jewelry

The source of a sense of inferiority and weakness: The well-known psychologist Erich Fromm once said: the source of a sense of inferiority and weakness lied in that was unable to act spontaneously, can not express the true feelings and ideas and can not perform the real you. As a result, their true-egos are bound to be replaced by the false ones. Whether we are aware of this, the biggest shame should be we are not acting ourselves. Falling into the situation where we have to cater to other people and act according to their moods, no other things will be more proud of and happy about than to feel, think and express what we still own.Springâeuro™s Fairest links of london sale Direction of Fashion

True self: No parents nowadays do not love their children, but show excessive love in most of the time. They always worry that their children could suffer losses and be put to much trouble, so they do lots of things for them. While the fact is [whatever circumstance in which a child is growing up, as long as he has average intelligence, he must deal with others in one way or another, only by doing so can he become possible to acquire some skills.” He can also develop his unique vitality, find out and know about his own feeling, thinking, ambition, and interest.

Children should explore potential, enhance backbone, find out his own ability and express himself with his own feeling to get along well with others. The true inner self is our inner central force. This inner central force is shared vy everyone. However, it is different in different people, which is the real source of the growth. However, due to many bad influences, we can not permit to let the child grow by his purpose and ability. These bad influences are too many to calculate, the first is that the “education” from parents to kids. It is necessary for parents to care for their child, but excessive care on everything will make the development of the child’s spontaneous feeling and true personality(true self/ autonomy) is suppressed very early. Modern education style, in particular, is very likely to strangle a possible real [self”-the original psychology is replaced by outside feeling, thinking and wish.

We often hear some more “good” children, who are always students of fine qualities and fine scholar, but to the adult stage they will encounter a lot of mental confusion, and a lack of confidence is typical. Loving children has to pay attention to ways and means. This loss is often due to faultage, and the children can not grow independently: They will not adapt to the change from the environment that the parents will do everything to the college in which they should do anything by own. They will also have troubles in the things which is not suitable to consult with their parents. So we say that the parents love is the source of the children’s self-confidence. It does not mean that the parents directly turn into the tap, when it needs you can tighten it, that will be ok. The so-called source is to teach the children how to find themselves, building the self-confidence, rather than give in all long time. This love is caring but not overindulgence, and is to guide but not to do all, so loving children also pays attention to ways and means.