Chair Lifts in Cheshire – Top Tips Your Elderly Parents Need to Know

There is a reassurance that comes from knowing your family will be safer during a trip to the bedroom or bathroom. If you’ve a relative in Cheshire & you think to stay independent they might be helped with a chair lift, then this article shows you some things to be aware of. You need an easy summary so make a list of the brands you find via an Internet search or by going & looking at some showrooms or sending out for brochures. I’d be careful with buying from ebay or the local paper, without finding out which brands are best and also what guarantee you will get. You want to get it right first time so it is certainly safer to deal with an authorised chair lifts firm which means that the manufacturer has approved them as a registered dealer. There are many brands & models to choose from & it can often be overwhelming to pick out & buy the right lift for their needs. Know what features to look for in a chairlift, as this can be helpful in the planning stages, & that’s what this article is about.

The first aspect to think about is the staircase itself. There are many different varieties. The standard straight chair lift is the easiest & quickest to fit – 1 hour or 2 at most. A curved one requires bespoke manufacturing of a customised rail that it then glides along. This takes about 1 week in production then it is installed. Narrow stairs can still be equipped with a slimline chair lift. Dog-leg stairs with a straight line stair & 1 or 2 bends may only require a straight lift, with the addition of a platform or two. This is much cheaper than installing a curved chair lift around Cheshire. An employee at a chair lifts showroom can help you select a model that will be reliable & strong. They can also show a customer how to work it & offer service plans. Bear in mind that the chair lift will be attached to the stairs themselves, & so the wall won’t require new wall covering or paint.

The next aspect to keep in mind is the person’s height & weight & their hip and knee flexibility. These will all need to be measured as some chairlifts are designed for particular applications depending on the need. There are certain conditions for the rider to be thought through when picking the necessary lift for your relative. Perhaps they’ll need a bariatric chair lift? This is a lift that’s rated up to thirty stone. They may not be obese but keep in mind that if the user might carry items, pets or other items up & down stairs with them then this must be taken into account so as not to exceed weight limits.

A client who has had a knee or hip replacement surgery, or arthritis, may find that ascending or descending stairs is too difficult. A perch stair lift would be a possibility in this case. This lift enables them to almost stand upright on the lift just perched as if they were seated on a bar stool. A sit and stand lift enables both options depending on customer needs, or if a husband & wife have different needs & want to both use the lift. These options provide a more convenient way of ascending the stairs without strain.

Your chair lift chair, can be chosen to blend into your home decor. All will have a seat belt as in a car, & will have a DC battery pack so that in case of power failure, the client won’t be stuck on one floor. For older relatives who have visiting grandchildren, a chairlift that has a lockable start-up switch would be handy, like a chair lift that has a footrest that can be folded away. This lets other people up & down stairs without restriction.

This is a quick run through what you need to consider before you buy chair lifts in Manchester, Cheshire & Lancashire areas. To go direct to a recommended supplier then go to Castle Comfort Stairlifts.

Peter J Nelson has a background in elderly care, customer service and health and writes around several topics that interest him. His recommended mobility equipment supplier for chairlifts, riser recliner chairs, electric beds and wheelchairs is