How To Create Video Greeting Card And Share Online

With the holiday season fast approaching, you are probably scrambling for unique gift ideas just like the rest of us! The best gift that you can give to a close friend or a loved one is something that will last for years, something that will capture a special time in their life, and something that will show them how much you care.

One of the easiest ways to give such a perfect gift is by making a video greeting card. The best software for the job is muvee Reveal, an automatic editing program that effortlessly guides you through the process of creating beautiful, personal video cards.

From start to finish, it takes just a few minutes to create a video greeting card, which can then be easily shared with the recipient. You even get to pick your own music to add to the movie now that’s something you can’t get at the store!

muvee Reveal lets you save your music video greeting cards in a high-definition format, which can then be burned onto a DVD. Alternatively, you can share your video greeting card by uploading it directly to Facebook, YouTube, and a multitude of other devices such as iPhone, iPod, Sony PlayStation Portable, and a number of mobile phones. Honestly, it’s incredible how easy it is to create and share your videos!

It is a tradition for many families to write yearly Christmas letters to let their friends and family know how the year went. Here is a neat idea – instead of writing a letter, just grab all the pictures and videos from the past 12 months and create a Christmas card video that you can easily share with everyone!

Holidays are truly the time to get together with family and friends, share stories, cozy up by the fire place, and enjoy all the lavish festivities that we all look forward to every year. Make your holidays even more special by creating amazing greeting cards by using music, photos and video.

This gift works great for kids, grandkids, close family and friends, and practically for anyone else! Send this year’s holiday or birthday or Christmas greetings in a video, and you will amaze everyone with these attractive musical greeting cards that will be enjoyed and cherished for years to come!

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Elder Care and Emergency Preparedness

Most of us really are not prepared for a natural disaster. Each time we see one in some other part of the world on our TV sets we say to ourselves; “Boy, I need to get prepared in case that happens here to me and my family,” and yet, how many of us actually do that? I mean really do that. The statistics do not lie, and the reality is less than 15% of the US population is really prepared for an emergency of that type. Worse, our most vulnerable segment, our seniors are not either.

If you consider the implications of this, then you can see what a disservice we are doing to ourselves, and our own families. Each family should have a plan, and that plan must include our elderly, who will need care when and where disaster strikes. There are many tools and services for senior folks such as;
Life Alert, but that may not be enough.

If you have elderly relatives, you need to make sure they have what they need, such as handy telephone numbers nearby, and simple things like lights that operate on batteries and transistor radios. Elderly people need to also have a neighbor come check on them after a disaster as they may not be able to turn off gas lines, water heaters, or other things if they smell a leak.

They may not be able to eat if they do not have an easy to use hand can-opener, as the electric one may not work if the electricity is off you see. They should have a one-month supply of any medicine they are taking. And in case of a personal injury or accident, they are going to need assistance after they are released from the hospital as an outpatient, perhaps needing some temporary in-home temporary care. Please look into this now, before disaster strikes.

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