How to Know If My Ex Still Loves Me? Proven Ways to Figure it Out Before It’s Just Too Late

If you find yourself regretting the breakup with all your heart and that you cannot seem to forget the wonderful times you shared with your ex, then all you got to do is try and find out if your ex still has feelings for you and whether he/she is open to the idea of getting back with you.

One of the ways to find out is to try getting in touch with your ex on the phone and start a casual conversation enquiring about his/her health and what he/she was up to. This will put your ex at ease and not feel pressured in any way. Your ex may get the feeling that you are calling him/her for old time’s sake and will be more natural and open with you when he/she knows you are not going to question him/her about the past.

Get into your ex’s line of vision and make sure he/she can take notice of you. Obviously this means getting a whole new makeover and getting your ex to be stunned at the sight of you! It would help if your ex sees a side of you he/she did not even suspect you had! If you were an introvert, then show him/her that you are outgoing and more self confident. A beautiful, confident and sexier you would make him/her sit up and take notice!

If your ex keeps staring at you and tries to get your attention it shows that he/she would like to start off where he/she left off! An attempt to talk to you all the time, sit next to you and try to touch you will show you that he/she is still interested in you.

If your ex does not reject any advances that you make towards him/her and in fact reciprocates by sending you signals or making advances back, it is a sure sign that your ex has never forgotten you and would like to get back!

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