EXPOSED! 3 Tips to Make Any Man Fall in Love

If you have been wondering how to make any man fall in love with you and how to keep him until the time you actually want, then please don’t go looking for a witch doctor because that would show that you are very desperate and you would also have to remember what they said “it comes back to you in three fold”.

Instead of waiting for the three fold effects to come back, you might as well read the following three tips to make him fall in love with you.

Element of Surprise

Remember you are dealing with a man and no matter what his macho persona is something that he is graded upon. Worse is that he grades himself on this particular trait. Never offend this trait. As a part of the macho persona, men like to show that they don’t like surprises but truthfully they just love it. Create a lot of surprises for him in any way possible. Don’t make the surprises tedious. Random surprises that are easy to handle and doesn’t strain the mind or the body is something that your man would love. Surprise him with a vacation to some exotic location. Just the two of you.

Way To A Man’s Heart

A way to a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach. You feed him well and feed him good then you are in his heart. When I say “through his stomach” it doesn’t literally mean through his stomach rather learn how to cook well. Welcome him home to the smells of pot-roast, chicken stew and chocolate truffle.

Better Way To A Man’s Heart

Men are very primitive in more than just one way. And the one specific way that they are really primitive is the way to the bedroom. If you want you man to love you, then feed him. But if you want him to love you and never leave you then become an expert in the art of love-making. Be thankful that they don’t resort to clubs like cavemen anymore. But come on you need him to love you then show him that you love his body as much as you love him.

Now here are your three fail-safe tips to make your man fall in love with you. Memorize these tips and practice them well. If you take peeks into a piece of paper every time you want him to win him over then he sure is gong to suspect you and me!

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