The Most Valuable Thing We Can Give a Child is Time

After watching an inspirational DVD called “To A Child, Love is Spelled “T-I-M-E”, I put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard with some thoughts I hope will encourage you to think about how you view your time spent with your children.

So often we take for granted the time that we have to spend with our children and sometimes we even complain that they demand too much of our time. In today’s age, many parents have less time to spend with their families due to work commitments, and the long hours necessary to simply earn a living.
Think back to time you have spent with your children, or grandchildren over the years. Do you remember how it felt in that moment to be spending the time with them? Was it a feeling of love, happiness, enjoyment, bliss, excitement? How about pure appreciation that you had that time to spend together?

And you were able to leave your responsibilities at home, the cooking, cleaning, shopping for dinner, business matters, and all the other things you would have liked to achieve that day – you left them all at home, and just took your son or daughter out for some good quality time with no feelings of guilt, no nagging thoughts about those things that still needed to be done. You were able to completely connect with your inner child, relax and enjoy your time together. Right?

You were so engrossed in that time that nothing else in the world mattered. In fact it had become cold and the sun had set and still….home, work, friends, other responsibilities were still locked up at home waiting for you. You hadn’t cast a thought about what you were going to cook for dinner, make for school lunches tomorrow, the fact that the uniforms were still sitting wet in the washing machine and wouldn’t be ready for the morning.

Nothing but complete focus and attention on your child and your activities, whatever they may be.

Honestly, ask yourself, can you remember times like these? Possibly you may, and that’s great, but for the most part time spent with your child or other loved ones often feel like a burden, a chore, feeling that your time is better spent elsewhere at that moment.

It’s unfortunate, and you may feel guilty even to think of this but where life is so hectic and fast paced, I find this is often the case among most parents I speak to today. And that causes a lot of guilt and tension in families, with stressed, parents and confused children.

Of course, it’s not a situation of not wanting to spend and enjoy the time, but simply the pressures we place on ourselves to ‘have everything in order’. I don’t know about you but I sometimes find my priorities to be out of order. Where things first need to be achieved, set in place, then I can relax and spend all the time in the world with the kids.

But what if you don’t have all the time in the world? Nobody knows how much time one has left on this earth.

It reminds me of a quote “If you are waiting for the timing to be right before you begin, you will never begin.”

We all have responsibilities and chores to attend to on a daily basis, like washing, cooking and the rest, but to forget about all of this every now and again, on a regular basis, is it going to hurt anyone?

Regularly choosing those responsibilities over spending time with your children or loved ones could however, cause you much pain and guilt. Not to mention how it will negatively impact your child’s self worth and sense of love and security.

Ask yourself next time, is that pain worth it just to get the washing done? Perhaps, the choices we make reflect poorly our values and time management skills. That is only for ourselves to determine, but imagine the positive impact on ourselves, and our children if we were able to get our priorities in order with our values and learn to manage our time better.

On that final note, decide what it is you are going to change or sacrifice, in order to spend more T-I-M-E with your child today.

Melissa Selby ~ Empowering People In Health, Wealth & Lifestyle
A single mum of 3 children, passionate about empowering greatness in others. Educator on health, nutrition and elimination of toxins in the home.
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How Can Adult Child Help Their Recovering Elderly Parents?

For generations it has been the responsibility of adult children to care for their elderly parents. The elderly may be more financially self-sufficient today but they still need their children to play an important role in their lives. As they age and start having health issues elderly parents may need to lean on their children more and more for assistance. If that is the case a helpful tool called baby video monitors might be your answer. This has always been used by parents taking care of their newborn baby. Now it has become a great tool to help with caring for the elderly as well.

How can adult children be a help to their elderly parents? As their parents age they may face health issues, surgery, illness or be physically impaired. It may become your responsibility to take your elderly parents into your home at times to care for them recovering from surgery or an illness. This can be hard for adult child who may have a family of their on to take care of. If this is your situation a baby video monitor to help you keep a watchful eye on your ailing parent may help greatly. Modern technology can help you to keep an eye on them while your are out of the room doing other house hold tasks but allowing you to see and hear them if they need your assistance. The monitors have portable receivers that you can carry around with you from room to room. Allowing you the freedom to continue with a more normal schedule.

Let this become a very special time to have your elderly parent staying in your home. If you have children it can be a wonderful time when they can bond with their grandparent spending time and enjoying each other. For generations adult children would take in their older parents to live with them. But now traditions have changed. Except for needing help or assistance from their children from time to time relating to health issues elder parents are more independent and financially able to care for themselves.They do not want to be a burden to their children. So in the rare occasion they may need your help consider it a blessing and a gift to have special time with them. Our parents cared for us when we were young and we love them and want to care for them as well.

If elderly parents need your assistance there is a great monitoring tool that can be useful to you. Let Baby Video Monitors help you to find just the right one to watch over your love ones.