The Two Companies To Develop Security Solutions For Rfid Garment-rfid-screen Special Printing

RFID is being used successfully in the retail DVD, from cars to theft. Northland is the Austrian company specialized equipment, outdoor clothing company, is currently developing the application of RFID in the apparel sector, use of RFID to ensure the safety of their products.

HC screen Special Indian network Earlier this year, this extreme sport Clothing Manufacturers in its stores used Graz RFID Stock solution, prove the efficiency and transparency in the RFID area than traditional methods. Now the company has the proven RFID solutions not only in theory but in practice there are economic advantages.

Northland store in Graz, about 1300 kinds of outdoor products, RFID tags, such as jackets, pants, sweaters, bags, thermos flasks, etc.. A label in inventory management and security with the use of two kinds of information. Northland Company RFID Project Leader OttoUrl explained: “This makes the solution more than two separate systems is much cheaper. Stolen cashier’s monitor can be displayed immediately, while the door on a sound and light alarm. This RFID security devices can not only tell a product stolen, and can tell what products were stolen, when stolen. This information allows us to pay particular attention to especially vulnerable to theft of product categories and time. “Thus, the product can be immediately stolen supplement, to ensure continued delivery store.

The system is the world’s first pure UHFEPCG2 garment anti-theft system, through a three-month pilot phase, will be extended to Northland’s other stores. There are two elements to this innovative anti-theft system is the cornerstone of that production UCODEG2XL NXP Semiconductors Austria chip and software technology consulting firm V automatic identification, RFID Middleware You-ROPEN. Marketing Manager RainerLutz NXP Semiconductors, said: “So far, EASEPCG2 application has been difficult because traditional UHFRFID door is difficult to determine the detection and control of the domain, resulting in annoying false alarms. To do this, NXP’s RFID Reference Design Center has developed a unique reference for the door, work accurately read the field, so that an 8-meter open area like a visual imports thin Electronic Screens, can identify the products leave the store.

Clothing with RFID security solutions UPMRaflatac clothing brand protection director of business development MikkoImmonen said: “Northland company to use the UPMRaflatac’sUHFEPCGen2WebXInlay optimized to meet clothing requirements. Even very dense heap of clothing, its detection rate is also excellent, and more to read of excellent, ensuring reliable performance RFIDEAS door. “

Toshiba’s RFID printer solutions for the success of this play a role. The company offers a scalable and reliable RFID module technology.

RF-iTSolutions chairman DominikBerger said: “You-ROPEN used clothing solutions enable projects in the entire logistics supply chain (including shops) rapidly. It can seamlessly connect to existing ERP and greatly reduce the cost of investment. “You-ROPEN through the use of proven reliable and scalable working environment, RFID hardware and the existing IT Established a link between the infrastructure can be quickly configured to connect with customers to facilitate their procedures. When starting the project, it quickly established when the system work and expand the flexibility.

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