How to Select Adjustable Beds for the Elderly

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep including the elderly. This may seem obvious but for many years some people such as health care providers seemed to believe that the elderly only needed a few hours sleep each night. However, new sleep studies have determined otherwise. They have determined that as a person gets older the requirement for a good night’s sleep doesn’t change, but the elderly have a more difficult time getting it. The elderly have numerous difficulties getting a good night’s sleep for reasons that include: Sleeping partners are affected by such factors as restlessness and each other’ snoring; difficulties with Alzheimer’s, anxiety, and depression; health conditions including heart trouble, allergies, asthma, arthritis pain, and menopause, and; some dosages of medications.

Rather that assuming that poor sleep is simply caused by the process of getting older, elders have another alternative which is the adjustable bed. Many people have a sleeping partner that prefer a different level of softness or firmness and who have trouble sleeping on a flat bed will select a dual adjustable bed to make sure that both people get a good night’s sleep. 

The ability to elevate the knees, chest, and head provides relief from numerous conditions, such as: night cramps and swollen feet and ankles; difficulty getting out of bed; acid reflux and heartburn; respiratory difficulties such as snoring and coughing; shoulder, neck, neck, hip, and back pain. 

Most adjustable beds consist of a mattress and a platform. The platform contains the bed’s mechanical apparatus. There are many typed available that will accommodate your existing head board, frame, and side rails, but you should measure everything first, since each manufacturer offers different sizes.

To select the adjustable bed that is right for you, you need to consider: If it will bother you for a salesperson to come to your home; if you want to pay additional money for a massage feature; what the exchange policy is and if the warranty covers all of the components of the bed; if you need a feature to adjust the firmness; if the bed have a support system to help with exit and entry; if you want a bed with position memory, and; if the bed come with a remote that is wireless. 

Although mattresses, styles, mattresses, and other options may vary widely, a twin adjustable bed will cost you about $ 1,000 and a king size about $ 4,000. While some retailers will include free shipping, others will charge you approximately $ 300 to $ 500 for shipping. Usually it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

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