How To Fix A Relationship With Your Boyfriend – Make Him Fall In Love With You All Over Again


The justification that men are men, therefore capable of assuming the helm in every romantic relationship, has been giving women constant agony over the years. Correct enough, Adam’s motives for falling out of love with Eve have continued to be a cryptic mystery since time immemorial. So, ladies, armored with all the love plus tenderness which can cease a war at its peak, how do you fix a relationship with your boyfriend when the odds to be successful are usually slim and feeble?

Men are an assortment of psychological intricacies – at times they are sweet, at times they are cold. They believe it is normal for them to have flings while in a relationship but do that to them and World War III breaks. They spend so much time drinking and partying with friends and when you confront them, they flare-up in justification that what they did “normal.” In deed, men believe that every other offending activity is “normal” – staying out too late with friends (and who knows who else is there!), having occasional strings of flings with sexier and wilder women, not being able to pick you up after work in the middle of a torrential rain, only to mention a few.

When these signs start filling the relationship, would you just sit and watch everything totally fall into pieces? No. A woman of strength is a woman who knows how to fight for his man. Some women can attest to how difficult it is to make things work with a guy, but there really are simple ways to fix a declining relationship with your boyfriend. Do you want to know how? Read on.

1. Space Is What They Want, Space Is What You Should Give – It is a human behavior rule: the more you stop someone from doing things, the more they find it challenging to go against your way. This is an absolute truth with men. When you ask them not to go out with their sets of friends, they would do it as defiance to your request. They find being bossed around as a trample onto their bloated ego. So my suggestion? Grant whatever they like! Let them do their nightly clubbing and bar hopping and let them drink to exhaustion. There is always an end for everything, and whether you get tired or not, they will eventually stop. When you notice that they start running back to you, suggest that they go out more. This will make them crave for your company more. In the end, you would still be their number one priority.

2. Make Them Miss You – Another male malfunction is their failure to accept fairness in the relationship. They believe it is alright for them to go out while you are stuck at home waiting for their telephone call or message. So I suggest that you start carrying out otherwise. Do NOT ask for their permission. Inform them that you will be going out with friends and will be returning at an uncertain hour. Make them miss you. This may make them craze, trust me.

3. Settle and Observe – Whenever the relationship rests from the turbulence of an almost downfall, sit back and reap the benefits of your labor. Spend time with every other more and rekindle the love which appeared to have been lost. Observe yet other changes and if everything is for the betterment of the relationship, you may think about your battle a success.

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