How to Know If a Man Really Loves You Or It’s an Act? 7 Real Good Ways to Test His Love for You

At times women get so carried away by the overt show of affection that they fail to notice that the guy is playing them up. It is only when they get dumped do they realize that he was damn good actor. Here are some things he will do when he is acting as if he loves you.

Its all about him
When a man is putting on an act everything he does or wishes to be done will be about him. He will make plans according to his whims and will not consult you. On the contrary if the guy really loves you he will take your views first and then decide.

Never has time when you need him
The guy that is acting will find it very difficult to devote substantial time to you. He will only make an appearance when something of his interest is involved. But the guy that loves you will be at your beck and call all the time.

Keeps in touch sporadically
The guy that is not serious about the relationship will contact you only on the day of the date. He will do so to confirm your availability at other times you will never hear from him. The guy that genuinely loves you will call you every now and then and will chat with you at length.

Gifts and compliments
The guy that is acting will give you empty compliments with the sole aim of flattering you. He will rarely give you gifts and when he does he will always expect something in return. However, a guy who loves you will give you gifts on each and every special day and will not expect any favor in return.

Care and concern
A person that loves you will show his care and concern when you are down and feeling low. However, the guy that is only acting will not bother to console you or cheer you up.

The person that is acting he loves you, will act like you are an object that he possesses. But the guy that loves you treats you like an equal and will not restrict your freedom. He wants to see you happy and in your elements.

Attention spans
The guy that loves you will give you all the attention. He will listen to you and will involve himself in all that you do and say. However, the actor will only pretend to listen while his mind wanders elsewhere.