Movie Review – I Love You, Man

Last night, I watched the movie “I Love You, Man.” It wasn’t “Knocked-Up” good, but I wasn’t expecting it to be and it definitely had it’s fair share of amusing moments. Since I didn’t go in with any great expectations, I was allowed to just enjoy the amusing aspects of the film–which was glorious and something I need to do more often!

After eight months of dating, real-estate-agent Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) has asked his girlfriend Zooey (Rashida Jones) to marry him. Zooey excitedly calls all of her friends with the fabulous news, and then hands the phone to Peter so he can do the same. It’s at this point they realize the awful truth, Peter has no close friends, only casual acquaintances.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with Peter, he’s just always been better friends with girls than guys.

Feeling awkward about having an unbalanced bridal party, Peter embarks on a journey to get himself some besties.

After many a miserable man-date, Peter unexpectedly meets Sydney Fife (Jason Segel) at an open house and they instantly click. They quickly become inseparable, which begins to bother the previously, supportive Zooey.

In the end, they realize that all relationships are special and should be given the appropriate attention. It was deep, man.

If I had seen this movie in the theaters, I wouldn’t have liked it that much. Since it was an inexpensive rental, I enjoyed it. It was funny and I learned some things.

Not about relationships, more like Jason Segel can be really creepy and Paul Rudd is capable of being annoying. Both eye-openers, since I didn’t think either was possible.

I’ve always been in awe of how Paul Rudd can be in so many movies and never be annoying–he’s always good. In this movie, his character is kind of dorky and self-conscious, and it somehow carried over to Paul. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to look at him the same way again.

Then there were the moments where, if Jason Segel’s character just strangled someone out-of-the-blue, I wouldn’t have been surprised. They were just fleeting moments, and the rest of the time he reverted to his usual, puppy-dog persona. Jason Segel is a big guy and if he just lost it, he could wreak some havoc. That thought will always stay in the back of my mind, even when he’s Marshal-mallow on “How I Met Your Mother.”

You might think this would ruin the movie, but you’d be wrong. Wanna know why? My brilliant, boo-boo, baby J.K. Simmons was there with his special brand of awesome. He has so many levels as an actor, it’s scary. I can’t think of one other actor who could have portrayed Oswald Klaven with such panache.

Bottom line: Enjoyable rental with some very funny moments. One in particular between Paul Rudd and Jon Favreau doing boat races, is hilarious. Gag reel is a must.

Take care,

Elderly Care Choices – Who Took the Wheels Off My Walker?

All of us natural, organic and whole foods people must focus or we will be caught in the tyranny of the moment and life will pass us by. It is easy to be over involved with daily schedules and pressures and forget about the every day joy that life often brings. This is particularly true when you are involved in the elderly care of elderly parents. “Elderly care” presents lots of challenges, but many rewards as well. Illustrating this is an event that happened a few nights ago in our home. It may have ordinarily gone unnoticed if I hadn’t stopped and let it settle in. Trivial and silly little things often escape our notice.

Everyone was getting ready for bed and I was finishing a little project at the kitchen table before I started with my routine of natural, organic, whole foods supplement and tincture consumption at days end when I begin to hear a faint click click coming in my direction form around the corner near my elderly parents bed room. I couldn’t quite put it together, it wasn’t something usual so I stopped to listen. Click click again and again and now it was nearer and getting closer. My mind couldn’t make a connection. Then it appeared, just coming around the corner, it was my dad’s walker. My mind was confused, why was I seeing my dad’s walker coming around the corner? I had just put dad to bed, he can’t get in and out of bed by himself I thought. I know he needs help.

Elderly care always has challenges, and my mind was was asking, “Why?” Who has gotten him out of bed? I know he can’t walk by himself without supervision. I know my mom can’t be helping because she is elderly too and barely able to take care of herself and get along with her own walker unassisted. This mystery was soon answered, at least in part, as the rest of the walker appeared, it was my mom using dad’s walker.
Mom’s walker has wheels on the front and dad’s does not. I know she would rather push and glide rather than having to lift forward then clunk down and walk forward; again and again. I wondered, “Why is mom using dad’s walker?” At least this explained the click, click I hand been hearing.

I knew something was up because I saw it, it’s “the look” I’ve seen it my whole life, I know I am going to have to answer up. I know no one escapes without an answering. So I give elderly mom my full attention. My mind begins to remember other times that I have seen the look and I am immediately transported in time back 52 years when she was correcting me for not obeying her in class when she was my 2nd grade teacher. Mom gave me a spanking that day if front of the whole class for that insubordination. I never did that again. So even now 52 years later,¬†when she is the elderly care recipient, I pay attention to her.

“Who took the wheels off my walker!” she demanded.
I couldn’t keep a straight face, not to this surprising question. I burst into immediate laughter and so did everyone around me. With this laughter she realized that she had made a classic “senior moment mistake” of confusing her walker with wheels for dads walker without wheels. She had thought someone had gone in her room violated her space and removed the wheels from her walker without her knowing. (All in the past 10 minutes while she was in the bathroom.) When she came out of the bathroom and saw that the wheels had been removed from her walker she could have no rest until she found out who was responsible for trying to make her life a little more inconvenient, and made them put the wheels back on without delay.

Becoming aware of her own blunder she immediately came up with a recovery statement by say that she had realized the mistake about the time she got there but since she had walked all the way out from her bedroom she might just as well say what she came out to say and not waste the trip. We all enjoyed the whole episode. She even laughed at herself.

If we were not able have the elderly care of my mom and dad at our home we would have deprived ourselves of a little moment of joy. Everyone was laughing and it was good for all of us. It reminded us of the way mom was in her prime, when she got down to business. I know when my mom is no longer with us we will find great comfort in sharing this and other stories like them. This is a wonderful payment for all the elderly care work that is required to keep them in our home.

On the other hand we could have dealt with this elderly care situation differently by criticizing mom. We could have complained about her dementia and the challenge this was to us. If we would have made this choice then we would have been the looser. Life is a choice as Zig Ziglar pointed out in his article on page 9 of the spring issue of the Harvest Source Whole Foods Journal (You can see this when you sign up for the digital magazine at Healthy thinking as we point out in the natural, organic, whole foods lifestyle is very important. There is a Blessing in old age, and the joy of “elderly care” can give us memories that many fore go trading instead to visit their elderly parents in a rest home whenever they have the time in their too busy life. Of course, this same lesson applies to more than just elderly care situations to be sure. Find a way to apply healthy thinking to your life today.

Darrell W. Ross is a Graduate of Idaho State University with a BA in Art. Senior Editor of the Harvest Source Whole Foods Journal, A consummate energetic business man for over 40 years in a broad diversity of family business ranging from Construction, Excavating, Tree Service, Federal Contracting, Real Estate, Property Management, Retail, Organic Whole Foods Distribution, and Publishing. Darrell is very happily married to Marcia his wife of 39 years and mother of their six Home Schooled children and currently resides in Burley, Idaho with Marcia and their two youngest Zachary and Caroline.