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Ago while I was a girl living with her boyfriend every day, he did not yell, but happened to find her taking the pill, they suspect came from her style, much deliberation decided to ask her. Who would have thought she was quite astonished, said: “Do not you know that taking the pill can Cosmetology It? Now very popular on college campuses. “

I always thought it was a prevarication of her words to me, that happened that after a few days, hears a mention Beihang friends reading this, she said that this method is very popular to eat finished the skin will become very smooth, acne, acne will be reduced, many young white-collar women is that this is a good way to achieve two goals. After listening to so many people, the reporter decided to start doing some research, in the Peking University campus, dining hall, the reporter not investigate nearly 20 girls, 14 girls had heard of this pill can be beauty in the way 6 girls told the reporter that they are doing. Subsequently, the reporter has visited several pharmacies, drug stores, said a salesperson to pharmacies to buy many of the girls in groups of contraceptives, they said they can eat the treatment of acne, some for nearly 30-year-old female.

Expert voice: do not advocate doing so. Contraceptives beauty really can do? Do this, the reporter interviewed the women and children, Haidian District, Beijing Health Li Zhi, director of obstetrics and gynecology hospital. Minister Li said he also heard recently that taking the pill can spread the beauty of argument, there are some private clinics and beauty salons and even certain contraceptives as a prescription for the treatment of acne and acne.

Minister Li said that, overall, women face a number of contraceptives acne will play a role, but this role is not therapeutic, it is because, acne, acne is mainly produced Because the human body caused by hormonal imbalances, some women too high testosterone the body is easy to acne, usually in birth control pills contain estrogen and progesterone, two hormones would suppress gonadotropin secretion in humans, inhibition of ovulation to achieve the adjustment of human endocrine and regulate the body’s role in hormone balance, acne will disappear naturally.

Then Minister Li also says he does not advocate taking contraceptives beauty, because it has many side effects, long-term use of contraceptives on the human body will be hurt, such as chloasma will be very easy to play, but also easily lead to cervical cancer. In addition, adolescent women are not fully developed physiological function, long-term use contraceptives, menstrual cycles may be disrupted, even taking it will be detrimental to the growth and development, will result in severe infertility.

Last, Minister Li also reminded us that this phenomenon reflects the current physical education of young people is not enough, in addition to medical staff, the whole society should be concerned about this issue, to prevent some bold, naive approach.

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