Three Women Are BAREFOOT and Loving It!

What chick lit novel set in magnificent Nantucket with three women spending the summer there and a young hunk thrown in would not be a fun and sassy read?

STOP! This is Elin Hilderbrand and there is so much more than chick lit here! There is the depth of these characters and their individual personal struggles that you come to care about that makes this so much more than that! Those who cherish close relationships with their friends and share their joy as well as their pain and pathos, will become effortlessly involved in their stories and find it a hard to put the book down.

Vicki comes to Nantucket, following her mother’s advice, with her two young sons on what would appear to be a simple family summer vacation had it not been for the fact that she is battling lung cancer. Vicki’s story alone makes this a very moving and delicate book to read as she tries to bravely endure her chemotherapy and all this hideous disease involves. In a very loving marriage and family, spirited and courageous Vicki makes it is easy to find yourself pulling for her to win this war and defeat the dreadful enemy.

Brenda is Vicki’s younger sister who has come along to support her sister in this trying time but is also dealing with her own personal predicament. As a professor, Vicki has been fired for committing the unpardonable act of getting involved with a student. Forget the fact that the student is Vicki’s age and that they had real feelings for each other, the reality of it is that she broke a fundamental rule at her prestigious university as well as in the school of general morality. Having a history of not making the best choices in life, as Vicki often reacts emotionally rather than rationally, makes her a character who is bound to do more than just fret over a lost job while caring for her sister!

The third woman in the group is Melanie who has recently found out that she is pregnant. After years of unsuccessful in-vitro attempts to have a baby, Melanie should be elated. Ah, would that not be a happy time, except for the fact that she has just discovered that her husband has been having an affair. Melanie doesn’t share the news of her pregnancy with her husband but rather runs from it to Nantucket to think things through.

To add the mix of gal pals is Josh, who is home for the summer from college, and enters early in the story and into these three women’s lives. All of them find support from this journal writing young man who starts out as a babysitter for Vicki’s two young boys but quickly becomes their “jack of all trades” in more than the normal way one would think. Josh seems wise beyond his years as he provides something for each of these women and in turn for himself. He is a great support for Vicki as his time with her sons gives her some time to herself that she so desperately needs as she fights her cancerous enemy. Josh also encourages Brenda to write and takes her mind off her current dreadful situation. At the same time, he is just the simple and straightforward person Melanie needs to have listened to her troubles.

The characters all appear fairly believable given the situation. Do you like them all? Do you think you know where all of this will end up at the end? Perhaps, but that is why you keep reading as all is not always as it seems. Funny, involving, and sometimes frustrating, the reader will find the story one they will have a good time with as each character and their stories intertwine leading to a not so predictable as would seem ending.

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How To Safety Proof Your Home For Elderly Care

After reading the shocking World Health Organization (WHO) statistic of 424,000 people dying each year from falls.

GC Nexus Group was inspired to create an easy-to-follow guide to help you prevent this from ever happening to your loved one.

Here it is: Tips On How to Safety Proof Your Home!


The high moisture areas with slippery tiles or stone floors are the most hazardous. To prevent trip and falls, place no-slip rugs near the toilet, sink, and shower.

You also want to prevent extra physical strain in your bathrooms, so invest in a raised toilet seat and install a grab bar in the shower for extra stability.

If you have glass door showers, label them with easy-to-see bright tape or decals so your loved one remembers it’s a glass door. It’ll prevent accidental run ins or worse, a sharp glassy slip and fall.


Make sure your loved one has adequate lighting, especially around the cutting board and place all working appliances at waist height. You’ll prevent the physical strain dark high or low reaches may give them.

For the sake of everybody in the house, check if your smoking alarm has fresh batteries.

Bedrooms, Living room, and the Dining Room Safety

Scan your home and tape rugs and loose carpets to the ground. Same goes for securing electric cords. Ensure all cords run along the wall or under the rug so nobody trips. Cover sharp corners on tables and counter tops as they may cut themselves if they do fall.


Installing stair rails that extend beyond the starting and end point of both sides staircase, Make sure the railing could hold a person’s entirely body weight without breaking; a carpenter check this for you and make necessary changes in the railings.


Finally, keep records of all medications, reactions, doctor appointments and be sure to make notes on what works and what doesn’t.

Start or continue to maintain copies of medical records for your loved one, and for yourself, as well.

This way you’ll be prepared for any grievance that should arise or if there are questions about medical histories.

Organize their medicine cabinet and look for expiration dates on all medicine. Check with your doctor about previous medications which are harmful with current prescriptions. You also want to find out which ones are no longer effective as well. Not only will you save space, you might also save a life.

Starlet is professional author for GC Nexus Group, a Elderly caregivers Ontario agency provides professional caregivers throughout Montreal and Toronto in Canada. GC Nexus offers elderly caregiving services live in caregivers, senior caregiver and elderly home care services for your parents and spouses by professional caregivers.