Nike manufacture winter sport shoes to provent disease

People in modern society have less time and opportunity  to enjoy healthy lifestyle. Most of the people can’t afford high expense of fitness center. As long as they have time, they usually choose some economical exercise like running, talking a walk, etc. Summer is a season that people can easily wear general shoes to do exercise but in winter, profession shoes to resist cold weather and accumulated snow is necessary.

People tend to choose cotton snow boots to resist chilly winter. It is undoubt that cotton boots is the first choice for protecting feet from cold weather. However, the sole of snow boots may not suit for doing exercises. Then what kinds of shoes can people choose for doing exercise in winter. Adidas, Nike and Puma are top three sportswear manufacturers who is famous for producing sport shoes, but rare of them pay attention to winter shoes. After the demand of market, as the biggest company in the world, Nike has tried their best to producing winter sport shoes which can adjust to people’s different demands  for different sports.  

Since its inception (origin)in 2008 as the reorganization of the Sport Culture Division, Nike Sportswear has steadily raised the bar for combining classic Swoosh silhouettes with wardrobe-friendly colorways and themes. With this NSW footwear preview for Fall/Winter 2010, Jesse Leyva’s crew has pushed the  envelope even further, and this entire collection is not just a solid mix. With full of heat -Nike Dunk High Boot, an inevitability in this world of hybridization, and a little bit of a surprise that it took this long.  

After skateboard shoes become popular, youths are fund of playing this hip-hop game, which is full of funny. With snow, challenge for skateboarding is great temptation, for skateboard fans, they would like to temperate the limit so that they can reach the top. So series designed depand on the winter condition is really important.  Nike 6.0 Zoom Oncore High Winter Skate Shoe can satisfied youngers demand, make you the king in skateboarding world. Nike 6.0’s Zoom Oncore High Winter Shoe offers top-level protection against both cold weather and wack style. Nike beefed up the regular Zoom Oncore High with a faux-fur lining, water-repellent materials, and an aggressive tread pattern to create quite possibly the freshest-looking winter shoe ever.

Running can never stop in winter. Running is so convinent that without profession place, people can start running everywhere, any time, after working. Without spend too much time, running become the best way for runners to release pressure in winter. However, running in cold weather usually need the heat of feet. If feet cold, whole body will cold, so it is really important for people to choose the right running shoes in winter. Since 2007, Nike test to manufacture a new shoe which can slove the problem in winter, after the birth of Nike cesium, professional Nike running shoes in winter, it is popular.  

As winter running shoes, the Cesium uses a heel wedge angled three degrees outward to keep the foot to the outside and prevent the ankle from overpronating, or rolling too far inward as the foot hits the ground. The design eliminates the need for more support under the arch, resulting in a motion-control shoe that isn’t as heavy and stiff as others in the category. Besides a new look, Nike has updated this version with a more snug lacing design. Recommended for overpronaters willing to try a different approach to motion control.


Even you bought cotton snow boots go through winter, how can you throw away the opportunity to take care of your body in winter. Even you think you are health nowadays, keeping health is really important. People who keep a concept in mind that disease will not coming until it is really serious found in hospital. This is wrong. Prevention is more important than disease itself.  

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Portaventura – More Than Just a Theme Park

Here’s our guide to the other main attractions at Spain’s most exciting resort.

PortAventura Golf
Designed by sporting legend Greg Norman, PortAventura Golf’s 3 excellent courses are awash with green and overlooked by sunny blue skies, perfect for a relaxing round. Choose from the 9-hole and 2 18-hole courses, catering for players at all levels.

Each course is designed to blend harmoniously with its surroundings, from lagoons, wetlands and olive trees to the Sequia Major Nature Reserve, medieval ruins and views of the Mediterranean. As well as the 3 main courses, you’ll find a golf school for honing your skills, a driving range for practising your swing and 2 clubhouses for discussing your game in afterwards.

Caribe Aquatic Park
PortAventura is home to another thrilling theme park, but this one’s a whole lot wetter. The fun-packed Caribe Aquatic Park is a Caribbean themed water park with a totally tropical style. Think palm trees, reggae and taking it easy. Relax on a sunlounger, take a refreshing dip or get the ultimate adrenaline rush on Caribe Aquatic Park’s splashtastic water rides. Immerse yourself in a typically tropical climate, enjoy the water like never before and the thrilling water attractions.

At the Caribe Aquatic Park all tastes and occasions are catered for. Start by bobbing up and down in the wave pool, play with the little ones in the fun-filled lagoon, then float along El Rio Loco in a rubber ring before braving the thrilling water rides. Twist and turn on the corkscrew slides, speed through tunnel slides and whoosh along on inflatable rafts on a splashing good day out at Caribe Aquatic Park. Defy the strong currents with a bit of rafting on the River or pick and choose a slide at Typhoon Lanzate. In addition, Woody has prepared a lots of fun and games for the little ones.

The Beach Club
After a busy day at PortAventura Park or Caribe Aquatic Park, The Beach Club is a bissful haven of relaxation. This exclusive club might just be the most glamorous sunbathing spot on the Costa Dorada, with gorgeous views of the Playa Llarga de Salou.

Spend days in and by the water, relaxing on the waterbeds and swimming in the sand pool and heated pool, and evenings dining under the stars at Restaurant Lumine, The Beach Club’s very own gourmet restaurant. Want to get active? Then put your energy into a range of activities including aqua gym, aqua aerobics and beach volleyball.

The Beach club is select space reserved for relaxation and entertainment of clients to the PortAventura hotels, Caribbean and El Paso as well as a place to enjoy the magnificent views of the Long Beach of Salou…. At The Beach Club you will never be bored.

Last but not least…
And finally, be sure to discover the sun-drenched, sandy beaches of the Costa Dorada, just a short walk from PortAventura.

James Sampson is a Marketing Assistant at Portaventura Holidays Start planning your visit to PortAventura theme park with portaventura holidays themepark spain today.