Protective Riding Accessories-Riding Gear

Normally as you see riding gears are generally associated with bikes. However it is also used in some of the water sports and by drivers of sport cars. Because bikes, water motorsport and car racing are considered to be dangerous, protective gears for the bikers and drivers have become part of the riding manual, in which, riding bikes are the most common form of riding all over the globe, the riding gears are mostly used by bikers.


Bike riding in most of the countries have become a fashion statement. Today we see fancy bikes all over the world and companies are vying with each other to produce fancy bikes. As bikes are mostly associated with “speed” riding gears have become absolutely necessary. As bikes are also accident prone, governments in different countries have made it a law that bikers must put on riding geared to protect them in the event of an accident. Failing to put a riding geared would amount to violating the traffic law.


Besides acting as a protect geared against accidents, riding geared also protect the rider from extreme inclement weathers. Therefore, riding geared serves two purposes:


Protecting from accidents.
Protecting from inclement weathers.

Manufacturing riding geared have also become a booming business. Different companies are manufacturing riding geared and are claiming that it meets with international standards. Here are some of the riding gears that are absolutely necessary to the riders, especially bike riders:


Good Helmet

Riding a motorcycle is such that you need protection from head to toe. Bike and bi-cycle riders, sport cars and even water sport drivers need to protect their head by wearing helmets. Helmet is an absolutely necessary geared for biker riders as it protects their head. In some countries, the governments have made it absolutely mandatory that even pillion riders of bikes and scooters to wear helmet. It minimizes injury in case of an accident.


Riding Gloves

Though riding gloves do not maximize safety if the biker meets with an accident, but it has become a part of the riding gears. It protects the driver from frost and extreme cold as they hand might freeze in cold weather. It is logical that if the hands of the driver freeze from cold, he/she will have difficulty in riding the bike, scooter of even sport cars.


Riding Boots

Though most riders often give boots a go-by in their must list of riding gears, riding boots not only adds to the style but sometimes also protect the rider from any major scratch if their bike slides.



Google is also part of the riding gears accessories. It is an important riding geared for the rider as it protects them from dust, sun and rains.



For those who are serious about touring, saddlebag is a “must” as part of their riding accessories. The rider can put many things in the Saddlebag on his biking tour.


Riding Jacket and Pant

Riding jacket and pant also can be part of the riding gears if the rider wants to a full body riding gears. Jacket can protect the torso and pant the lower part of the rider.


With full body gear, the rider can feel the safety accessories in place and perhaps can ride with the confidence that is needed to avert any type of accident.


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