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As an international sports brand sales continued to fall in, Belle International and Daphne international two Nike, Adidas agents, invariably make a “great retreat” of action.
Daphne International, said in the first half closed 21 sales outlets and 20 Adidas Nike sales outlets. As of the end of first half of 2009, remaining 107 sales points and eight Adidas Nike stores, and Nike stores in the second half will be fully closed. The two old rivals shoes industry, the sports brand’s agency business, out of a different fate of the track.
Recently, Belle’s half-year results announcement shows that the first half of Belle Nike and Adidas revenue agent was 33.2 billion, compared with the same period in 2008, up only 2.5%, its agent, the second-tier sports brand the first half of the income of only 6.3 billion, representing year on year decrease of 11.3% over the same period last year. Belle also closed the first half of this year 346 sports apparel stores.
After the Olympics, sports apparel inventory backlog problem has been encountered, this year’s main stock digest. Nike and Adidas discount stores this year, the discount is lower than even the factory stores, consumers discounts on the 3 pack of ultra-low has been accustomed to. Two years ago, also as a cash cow for sports brand agency, is now the scenery is not. As recently as two months, Nike, Adidas, Li Ning, Anta and other brands have been completed the next year’s order. According to report, in addition to dealers Anta has announced next year’s orders grew 18%, other brands are not made public several figures. “Maybe this figure is Nabuchushou.” Ordering more than one participating dealer, told reporters.
According to the distributor introduced in 2009, various brands ordering the atmosphere also appears to be rather special, multi-brand business initiative to lower the discount order to increase ad spending, and even offered to end section can be extended. Even Nike and Adidas, the channel providers have begun to take the initiative before the lower figure.
Daphne occasion of half-year results announcement, the company vice president of Investor Relations International, said to be Stanley Au Chong Kit, the company agent Nike stores all closed in the second half, and their hands are 107 stores selling Adidas discuss changing hands.
Daphne semiannual reports, as at June 30, Daphne 21 closed within six months of the Adidas store their own agency. Nike stores its agents closed the first half of 2009 were 20, then spend the remaining eight stores now.
“This means that Daphne has made up his mind to quit sports apparel agency business.” Senior industry experts, the United States UTA Management Group, Greater China General Manager Yang Dajun that Daphne is the main reason is that in recent years out of sport brand agency rapid decline in business profits.
“Despite all the contract front, but Belle and Daphne’s strategy is different.” Magang on the said sports brand agent, Daphne is to complete the proxy bid farewell to sports brand, focusing on the development of their shoes business. The Belle is due to excessive early pace, hoping to use this time of recession sports performance brand, channel and retail on the ability to do further optimization.

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