Camo Gears For Her

Enough with the military gears for the boys, let’s get into the feminine side. Who said that military is only for men. To give you a little piece of information, more and more women are into the service even as officers. They are not the stereotypes that only work in the military offices. Most of them are on the frontlines fighting for the country and the world. Therefore, to give credit to our women in uniforms most trendsetters and fashion designers have come up with several lines of camo gears and military inspired clothing and accessories for women.

Camouflage is the color of the day. Several gears apparel and fashion paraphernalia are available in camo designs such as desert camo, forest camo, and navy blue camo. Camouflage and military inspired clothes that include tee shirts, baby tee, long sleeves, blazers, caps, and tanks are just some of the available military inspired women’s wear. The women can also look hot and sexier on the camo inner wear and bikinis that they can flaunt out in beaches during summer. For winters wear they can choose the long sleeve shirts and jackets all in camo and vintage military colors. Real or official issue military jackets for women are also available in most military supplies and surplus stores. Other camo gears for lady officers are also available as brand new and surplus equipments in these stores. Trench coats that are also becoming a fashion trend are also available for women wanting to have the feel and the looks of the military personnel.

Specially designed tactical gears are also available in women’s sizes and designs with feminine touches. Pink colored tactical group uniforms are another feminine variation of the usual camo and navy blue or gray colors are the latest in women’s tactical gears. The wide varieties of women’s wear in military motifs just prove that the military and its gears are not only for the men they are also available for her.

Written by Omar Mazatleen. Here you can get all the details about US Army Surplus and even Tactical Gear if you’re interested in reading more about this subject.