Show Dad You Care – With a Patio Chair

Ask any man what he wants to do on Father’s Day, and he’ll probably tell you that he’d just love to relax in his favorite patio chair, and not do a single chore around the house. Of course, this answer may be given by any man, father or not, and may apply to any day, Father’s or not; but, in this case, we’re talking about none other than Dear ol’ Dad. Dad has a funny kind of job. Besides being alternately thrilling, challenging, joyful, heart-rending, rewarding, and thankless, it’s also filled with heaping doses of irony. He’ll spend hours, days, and years, teaching you everything from the simplest games, to life’s deepest lessons, only to have it come back and bite him in the you-know-what, like that guinea pig you begged him for, then let loose in the living room. This is not surprising. Parents, since the beginning of time, have been warning their misbehaving children that retribution would come when they someday had kids of their own. However, because children, since the beginning of time, have been certain that their parents are clueless, they have always ignored this warning. By the time they find out that it’s an inescapable truth, it’s too late; and the fact that the requital begins the moment that they become parents makes it seem more than a coincidence that diaper, spelled backward, is repaid! That explains why, after Dad spent all of that time teaching you how to ride a bike, you rode it across the grass seeds that he had just planted, ruining the lawn. It’s also the reason why all of the hours he spent pushing you on the swing only led to your spending years pushing him as far as you could. Moreover, he wound up with ants in his pants – literally – after you dropped and broke the ant farm, which he, to his everlasting regret, had given to you for your birthday! Furthermore, after showing you how to fish, poor Dad caught a hook in the neck, as you practiced casting your line. He taught you how to hit a ball, and got whacked in the head – or someplace even more painful – by your bat. Then, he came to see all of your games and sat on that splintered old bench the whole time, even when you were sitting on the bench as well. He also took you on many picnics, even when your behavior was no picnic! Yes, Dad gave you his all – and you gave him gray hair. The good news is that, if you ask Dad, he’s sure to say that it wasn’t all that bad; in fact, he’ll probably even say that he wouldn’t change a moment of it. Nevertheless, you may feel compelled to make it up to him, especially if you’re facing diapers of your own. If that’s the case, the best way to start is by going to, where you’ll find the perfect Father’s Day gift for him. For instance, you can repay him – properly, this time – for pushing you on the swing, by selecting one of’s relaxing porch swings. For that glider that he helped you to build, you can choose from an assortment of spectacular porch gliders that will finally give him the smooth ride that he so richly deserves. In thanks for that great vacation in the Adirondacks, why not get him a gorgeous Adirondack Chair? If you want to make up for the slivers that he got from those ballpark benches, get him a dazzling garden bench from Make it a rocking bench, and you can also compensate for all of the times that you drove him off his rocker! Select one of their hundreds of durable picnic tables, and you’ll give him years of stress-free outdoor living enjoyment. also has tons of outdoor décor items, home accents, and garden structures. Incidentally, if he enjoys gardening, a beautiful potting bench just might help to make amends for that incident with the, er, uh, oh, never mind – let’s just forget about that one! has the ultimate collection of outdoor furniture, in cedar, pine, cherry, oak, teak, aluminum, wrought iron, vinyl, and polywood; and anything that you choose is sure to make Dad’s day. If you wish, you can even have something customized for him. To contact a design consultant or a customer service representative, call 1-888-293-2339, or e-mail By the way, if you have kids of your own, be sure to bring them along when you visit Dad on Father’s Day. It will make his day that much more special if he can sit back, relax, and watch you get yours.

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