“chinese Heart Games Love” Art Show Lighting Design – Lighting Systems, Broadcast Studio –

Mr. Zheng Chaoyu author, director of Guangzhou City television station, senior engineer; Mr. Wang Ke, Deputy Director; Mr. Zhong Guohong, Head, lighting; Mr. Huang Huadong, Deputy Head.

Keywords: cloth ratio of light illumination light
2004 7 1st in Doha, Qatar, Olympic Council of Asia had in 2010 voted the 16th Asian Games host city?? Guangzhou. To celebrate the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games bid for success, by the Bidding Committee, Guangzhou, Asia, the Guangzhou Municipal Government and China Central Television co-sponsored the “China Heart Love Games” big celebration party, Guangzhou TV Station, Guangdong TV, TV on the South The conduct of the live broadcast, CCTV has also arranged and recorded the evening prime time.

This evening’s broadcast with the domestic and foreign connections, “surface air one,” a panoramic view of television production form. In China, the water?? Built in the Pearl River cruise on a mobile studio, a dozen kilometers along the tour route, showing Pearl River beautiful scenery, while introducing viewers to the general course of biding of Asian Games, Guangzhou; land?? In Pearl River is located in the Pazhou International Exhibition Center Plaza in the main hall, a grand variety show on television, enjoy express the pride and joy of the successful biding of Asian Games; empty?? aerial private helicopter, flying over the Pearl River, overlooking the beautiful night view of Guangzhou, display Construction of the Guangzhou city’s tremendous achievements. Abroad, through satellite links, will be located in the Qatari capital Doha, the scene of the OCA to vote on-site show to the audience.

This evening’s broadcast, the Guangzhou TV Station is responsible for overall technical program design, technical systems integration and implementation of tissue engineering, received the support of CCTV. This is also the Guangzhou TV TPR, dealing with the technical aspects the most complicated and technical personnel and equipment put up a large amount of broadcast activities. This article focuses on the “China Heart Games Love” celebration of light television production, which includes mobile studio and part of the main venue of the two sites.

Mobile studio Broadcast throughout the festival from 16:00, until 22:00. Thus, from day to night, shooting the scenery (host, Riverview) there exists in the natural light to the lighting transition. Under these conditions, lighting production to solve two problems: (1) under different color temperature of light (from natural light to the lighting), how to maintain the consistency of image color reproduction; (2) how to handle the host and the Pearl River Lighting Night (cross lighting) than light. The former can be preset by the camera’s color temperature function to solve, that advance will be shooting natural light and artificial lighting conditions, adjust the white balance data stored well, and then be converted according to lighting conditions in a timely manner. For the latter, if the illumination of the host is too high, the camera’s aperture will be reduced, this time shooting pictures of Pearl cross neon lights will be the lack of hierarchy, even darkness; on the host if the illumination is too low, then again can not meet the minimum illumination requirements of the camera, if you open the camera gain is taken, then the increase will inevitably lead to clutter the screen image.

Order to highlight the beautiful night view of Pearl River, Pearl River bright lights for the host against the background presented in the audience, must fully take into account the illumination and the Pearl River hosts the balance of light intensity. We selected two Lowel4X55W Tricolor soft light as the host of the surface light, illumination for the 450? 50Lux; with a 1kW film spotlight as the host of the backlighting, illumination 500Lux. Overall intensity of illumination required to meet the basic camera, the camera aperture F = 4.

Pictures from that night to see live, cruise ship host surface light soft, panoramic view of Pearl River night also.

Main venue The most important celebrations in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre, held at the main venue for a variety show. A location for the TV show’s broadcast, we carried out the main basis for lighting design are: the overall writing style and the party program performance style; stage (Stage Design) and peripheral (other shooting area) environment. Specific to this party, its TV production has the following characteristics:

(1) shows the overall style is: a grand, happy, cheerful, warm, with large-scale song and dance and aerobics, aerobics, martial arts, skills of group performance-based.

(2) a large performance area. Stage width 64m, depth 24m, part of the performance but also into the audience area. Stage there is no set routine, but situated just behind the stage (about 30m Branch) of the Convention and Exhibition Centre on the walls of buildings, hanging a 60m 20m large projection screen as a background activity.

(3) big shot area. To render the whole field of party atmosphere, filming will include a stage area, the audience area, and the scene surrounding areas.

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