Witura offers Peace of Mind to Caregivers of the Elderly

Caregivers no longer have to worry about leaving their elderly charges alone, thanks to a new innovative product from Witura Technology. Apart from being an effective alarm system, the WT1010SA can also serve as a Care Phone for the elderly and sick.

As the population starts to age, one of the main predicaments facing children with elderly parents is who will look after their parents when they are out working. Often solutions are in the form of hired help or placing their parents in a daycare or seniors home. All these solutions are not only costly but also require a big chance in lifestyle for all involved. Says Mr. Chin, Director of Witura Technology, “In today’s modern society, the elderly are increasingly living a more independent lifestyle. For their children and caregivers, this means a constant 24/7 worry about their daily welfare and wellbeing especially in emergency situations. Often, caregivers will have to resort to ensuring that there is someone physically checking in on them on a regular basis. But all this is set to change.”

The WT1010SA from Witura Technology, which is essentially a home alarm system, is able to provide a very cost effective and efficient solution to this predicament. Using cell phone technology, this product offers a solution whereby the cell phone can be interconnected with various parties like a central guard house (in gated communities) and/or medical call centres. Via a small device (similar to a Nurse Pager in hospitals) which can be worn or carried around, those who need emergency assistance only need to press this device and phone calls / sms will automatically be made to 8 pre-programmed phone numbers. Once the alarm is raised and received, the centre will send a dispatch to attend to the situation.

“Apart from being an alarm system, the WT1010SA can also serve as an emergency device, a care phone if you like, for those living alone”, shares William Chin, Sales Manager for Witura Technology. “For example, if one of your elderly parents is in an emergency situation or needs urgent medical attention, by using either the telephone or a separate device, they can immediately activate an alarm. This will trigger a call to the alarm receiver centre and at the same time send a message or make a call to you or to eight pre-designated numbers. Action can then be taken immediately.”

The WT1010SA is a simple plug and play device that is very easy to install without requiring much set up. The system works on a GSM platform and only a SIM card from a mobile telephone service provider is required to start the service. For new homes, apart from time, this also means cost savings as no landline application and installation is required. As the WT1010SA is essentially a home alarm system, it is also equipped with a remote alarm control system, making it possible to activate and deactivate the unit remotely via text messaging / sms or via a phone call. 

For existing premises with landline, the unit can also be connected to the landline for activation. The use of the wireless SIM card offers an additional level of risk management in the event that the landline is deactivated or cut for any reason.

 Thanks to the WT1010SA, caregivers to the elderly now have peace of mind as they don’t need to be constantly physically present to ensure that their charges are safe and sound.

 To find out more about the WT1010SA and what it can do for you, please email: sales@witura.com  or visit us at www.witura.com

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