Technology Advances To Assist You In Caring For Your Elderly Parents In Their Own Home

Many families are facing the challenges of caring for aging parents who are choosing to stay in their own homes as long as possible. They value the independence and find comfort in their own home and routines but this comes at a price for their adult children who worry about their safety. Some families are choosing to have their elderly parents move in with them rather than worry about them living alone. Whether your elderly parent is living in their own home or yours you cannot be with them at all times and there will be times when they are home alone. This is especially worrisome for many caregivers.

Thankfully there is technology available to help. Strangely enough, it is the advances in child safety technology that can be adapted for elderly care that may offer the most help. Many of the children of elderly parents also have children of their own but, if their children are older they may not know this technology even exists, since it didnt when their children were young.

Baby monitors have become very high tech devices. There are many options available that offer sound, movement, or video monitoring. It allows caregivers to check in on their elderly parent without disturbing them, or the elderly parent to signal their caregivers when they need assistance. Even more important, some of these monitors allow internet monitoring. When your parent is home alone you can receive sound, movement, or video monitoring via the internet, including on your web enabled cell phone. By simply logging into a secure website you can access the video footage of your home. The systems are designed to be able to have more than one camera attached so more than one area of the home can be monitored. These systems can also be used, when the elderly live alone, even if they are on the other side of the country.

Another device that offers peace of mind for caregivers of elderly parents is child tracking devices. These devices, that look and function like an ordinary watch, except that they also have a GPS unit in them that offer live tracking, via a secure website, or cell phone text alerts. For individuals who suffer from some memory loss, may be prone to wandering away, or getting lost these tracking devices allow their loved ones to quickly locate them and get them home safely.

Advances in childcare technology are not only making the lives of parents of young children easier, these devices are also making the lives of children of elderly parents easier as well.

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