Why Elderly Alarm Systems are Important to Senior Home Safety

Why Elderly Alarm Systems are Important to Senior Home Safety

Each year, between 30% and 50% of seniors experience falls in their homes, which is a distressing thought to loved ones. While, caring individuals and family members want to give seniors the independence they desire, the risk of a fall results in an overwhelming fear that their beloved senior wouldn’t get the help they need in time. This is why many choose elderly alarm systems for peace of mind.

Basically, elderly alarm systems are panic buttons. Seniors wear the alarm system around their necks or on their wrists. If the senior has an emergency situation, they can simply press the button on the system. This connects them to a person at a dispatch center, who in turn assists and/or calms the senior while also calling for the necessary help, such as EMS, family, police, etc.

Because of its added emergency protection, family members, loved ones, and the seniors themselves are less worried after purchasing a low-cost elderly alarm system. Seniors can go on living independently with confidence, while doing their normal daily activities in and around the home. The alarm system can even travel with the senior when visiting family or friends for an extended period of time.

Besides purchasing an elderly alarm system, following is a list of things around the home that you can do as periodic checks to help ensure the safety of an elderly individual:

* Remove throw rugs, which can flip up or move when stepped on and cause trips and slips
* Invest in sturdy assist bars, lifts for the bathtub, or even a walk-in bathtub
* Buy non-slip rubber for the bottom of the bathtub
* Make certain that electrical cords are out of the path of walkways
* Ensure that appliance cords are not frayed and appliances are working properly
* Install plug-in night lights for late night trips to the bathroom to help with illuminating rooms

It may not be necessary for the elderly loved one in your family to have to leave their home to be properly cared for. A few safety measures, including the purchase of an elderly alarm system, can provide protection assurance and alleviate stress for all involved.

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