Plan For TODAY So You Can Live For TOMORROW

Planning for today and living for tomorrow is completely upside down from what we are told when we were growing up “plan for tomorrow and live for today”. But when we grow older, life CAN turn upside down in an instant. Most people deny that they will need help and continue to go through life without a plan. Then, in an instant, such as a fall with a broken hip, sudden medical change, or unexpected illness they find they have no control, no choices and no options. They find someone else making decisions for them, someone who may be a complete stranger who has no clue what their wishes are.
It is common for most people to think they will live out their lives in the safety and comfort of their homes without any help. But what happens when one can’t live safely at home alone anymore? Have you researched your options? Have you discussed with your loved ones which living arrangements best fit your wishes?
The plan can be something as simple as who is going to do your grocery shopping if you’re sick, to something as complex as which living arrangement will best fit your wishes. Most of the time it is assumed that your friends, children, or even spouses will know what to do, but in times of crisis people make emotional decisions, not rational decisions. It is during those times when a clearly laid out plan will help others make the correct choices, choices that will honor your wishes. Documents as simple as a living will, do not resuscitate (DNR) order, or power of attorneys will give your loved ones clear direction during a time of crisis.
How are your plans shaping up, or are you going to “roll the dice” and live with what others have decided for you? Take control of your life and plan for todayto make sure your wishes are honored so you can live for tomorrow.

About the Author: Denis L Ashauer, Certified Senior Advisor and President of Home Helpers. Home Helpers is the leading provider for in-home non-medical care. Visit Home Helpers at and visit our blog site at to receive caregiving tips for family members caring for loved ones.