Giving Your Innovative Ideas to the World – Some Suggestions on That

Let’s face it, those with a hyper creative mind have so many ideas, often in such a short amount of time, that they cannot even write them down, much less act on them or capitalize on the innovation by starting a business, or hiring an attorney to help them file a patent. Indeed, I speak from experience when I say that if you are not going to capitalize on your inventions and innovations, then forward those ideas to some company, NGO, nonprofit group, university, or government agency that might be able to use those concepts.

For instance, I’ve had many ideas for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles such as planting trees with UAVs, so, I had sent in the idea of the UAVs to plant trees to the Forestry Service Research Center in San Dimas, and to the group in Belgium working on Global Warming, even though I am a skeptic on that, I still think it could help in re-forestation, and we could uniformly replant it all based on seasonal BMPs and timing.

Indeed, I like many innovators design things on paper, and came up with a concept to drop food shipments to starving Africans to avoid the shipments being captured by guerillas that would then hold the food for ransom, selling it to the starving people who were suppose to get it for free.

The concept of food drop, I sent to the UN’s habitat for humanity project, DAVOS, you name it. Got some nice thank you emails back. I have some other great concepts for food planting, along the forest concept using UAVs that simultaneously explode landmines left from past wars. Richard Branson’s foundation liked the concept.

Over the last 3-years, I have had about 200 UAV concepts for military (sent most of them to DARPA, USAFRL) and civilian usage, you name it, every conceivable or potential application here and for other planets, along with UUV (underwater unmanned vehicles) and UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles). So, I sent those ideas to the best possible places to spur on their innovative needs. I think you should consider this, no matter what type of innovations you create.

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Personal Hygiene For The Elderly – Encouraging Hygiene Habits In The Elderly

Personal hygiene is an important aspect of an individual’s routine. Every individual takes care to remain fresh through the day. You wake up each morning, brush your teeth, shower and deodorize yourself. A break in this routine will give you a feeling of being dirty and cause depression and frustration. Unfortunately, personal hygiene may become an issue for the elderly, due to illness or bad health. When elderly people are unable to take care of this routine of personal hygiene, they need assistance from another individual. It is necessary to set up a daily routine for the personal hygiene of any elderly person you are entrusted with.

It is essential to build up trust with the person that you are responsible for caring. You can talk them through the routine you will be setting up for their daily care and hygiene, the first few times. This will help them to know what to expect and may help them relax a bit. Most elders are reluctant to let someone else administer their personal hygiene. It gives them a sense of being dependent and having lost their dignity. This may cause them to react angrily or verbally abuse the caregiver. This is understandable under the circumstances, and one can try to see their point of view to appreciate what they are going through. Therefore, a lot of patience and understanding is required to administer personal hygiene to the elderly.

If the senior can take care of at least a small part of their personal hygiene, they must be encouraged to do so. This will give them a feeling of achievement and independence and also help to lift up their spirits. Even a small thing done by them is better than nothing at all. The routine established for a senior’s personal hygiene should include washing, deodorizing and brushing teeth. These are integral parts of personal hygiene and should be undertaken daily. Other small activities can be added to the routine depending upon the individual’s need. For instance, in case of women, if they like to put on make up, then this should also be encouraged.

Maintaining the personal hygiene for the elderly will promote physical well being and mental health. You may be able to detect any bodily changes that may take place in the form of lumps or bruises, if you perform the washing routine for the senior. By noting the changes in the body, you are creating a kind of record that can alert you to any potential illnesses. This will help in early diagnosis of any potential health problems that may arise in future.

Personal hygiene is a sensitive area and most elders are reluctant to entrust this work to another person. Personal hygiene for the elderly must be handled with tender care and patience. It helps to build up trust and creates a bond between both the persons involved in the activity.

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