Who Is Going To Help Your Aging Loved One If You Cannot?

Many adult children move away from home and live hundreds of miles away from their elderly parents or grandparents. If this describes your case and if your parent or grandparent living in Denver, Colorado needs more care than they can provide for themselves, you will need to look into your options for providing that care. One answer is to move back home to care for them yourself but this may not be possible if you have to leave a job and/or family members behind. Another choice would be to have family members who live closer by help take care of them. This may work for some of the care but everyone needs some regular time off to rest and take care of other obligations; this is a time when you should consider bringing in Denver elder care services to help your loved one with the care that he or she needs.

Remember to prescreen any Denver senior caregiver that you are considering. By working with a respected Denver elder care services organization, you can speak with a Denver senior caregiver who has a clean background check and who also comes with several references. You can call the references and get the inside story on the type of care the Denver senior caregiver has given in the past in order to make an informed decision. What you will find is that most of the quality caregivers who work with Denver elder care services truly love working with the elderly, have a great deal of experience and take their jobs very seriously. This is the type of Denver senior caregiver that you would want in your parents’ or grandparents’ homes.

One of the primary qualities that a Denver elder care provider can give to your aging parent or grandparent is companionship. This is a vital component to everyone’s mental health, which also affects physical health, and so it is critical that your loved one has the companionship that he or she needs. If you cannot be there to provide it, a Denver elderly home care aid can do so for you. The Denver elder care services caregiver can write letters or play games with your loved one or can simply converse. Denver elderly care aids can also escort your parent or grandparent to meals, if they attend group meals, or to religious services. A Denver elder care companion can also accompany them to visits with friends or to physicians as well as provide transportation for those who no longer drive.

For those who want help around the house, a Denver elderly care aid can perform light housekeeping and do the laundry. Denver elderly home care might also encompass meal preparation, making it easier for your elder to get the proper foods in the amounts needed.

For all of these areas, Denver elder care services take the worry out of making sure your aging parent or loved one is taken care of well.

Susan Slobac is a consultant in the home health care industry. Susan writes about trends in Denver elder care services & Denver senior caregiver.

Protecting the Elderly With Home Security

Independent living is something that most people place a lot of value on. Being able to look after one’s self and not have to rely on others for most things in life is what a lot of people strive for, but maintaining independence can become more difficult as individuals age and their bodies begin to lose some of the mobility it once had. Fortunately, there are a lot of products out there that can help people improve their home security as they age so that they do not have to give up living in their own home.

Safety should be the main concern of anyone living on their own, but this is especially true for elderly individuals who might not be able to get the help they need in the event of an accident. Making their home as safe and user friendly as possible is the goal of all of the products designed for older individuals. The bathroom is one area that is particularly dangerous due to its hard, smooth surfaces where a person can easily slip. One of the most important things a person must install in their bathroom for home security is floor mats. There should be no slip mats in the shower as well as the floor of the bathroom.

Having handle rails next to the bathtub and even the toilet can be tremendously helpful as well since they can aid an individual in both standing and sitting. For people who really struggle with standing for long periods of time there are benches that can be placed in the shower as well, allowing them to sit and rest while they bathe. Having a night light in the bathroom is also a good idea, as well as in the bedroom and the hallway leading between the two just in case any late night visits to the bathroom are needed. Having good lighting throughout the house is another important element for good home security.

No slip mats are also a good idea in the kitchen as well. The potential for liquid to find its way to the floor and make someone slip is too great, so having a no slip mat is a great precautionary measure to take. Making sure that all heavy objects in the kitchen are located in lowers shelves is also important so that nothing too heavy is pulled down on an individual. There are also products that can help people with limited dexterity open cans and things of that nature which do not have a lot to do with home security but definitely help an older person maintain their independence that much better.

Limited mobility can put an older person in a bit of danger when they are living alone, but luckily the combination of helpful products and caution can do a lot to help a person maintain their independence. In addition to making sure that an older person does not get hurt, installing something like an ADT home alarm is also a good idea. Having a ADT alarm in place protects older individuals from any threats that might come from outside their home.