Business Presentations – This is the Fastest Way to Get Senior Executives to Make Decisions

CEO’s and VP’s are no different from you and me, sure they need data and analysis to make decisions but they’re also human. They need to know specifically what they’re going to get for their investment of time and money. They need your data and analysis translated into targeted benefit statements.

Blah, blah, blah; that’s what most executives hear when they have to suffer endless hours of boring business presentations. And though the consultant might have a fantastic job of her analysis and number crunching, if the executives don’t get what’s in it for them, they won’t buy the proposition.

Yesterday I sat through a presentation on the importance of using sustainable materials in the housing sector. It was a really important message; and a huge market for the presenters. They talked about the different types of environmentally friendly bricks, wood, and roofing materials; they mentioned the library of knowledge they had created on building sustainable houses; and they went on (at length) about the amount of information on their website. They had quite an impact on the audience; the guy in the row in front of me fell asleep.

Here’s what they DIDN’T do, and SHOULD have done: told their audience what they would gain by using sustainable materials. For example they could have said:

Benefit #1: “By using these bricks you can get government grants and use less of your own money to build houses.”

Benefit #2″: “By using this wood, your houses will hold more heat, which you can advertise to attract more buyers.

Benefit #3: “By using these roofing materials the housing regulator will let 10,000 customers per month know that you are environmentally friendly, you can’t buy that sort of advertising.”

And if they’d engaged and motivated their audience they might have even sold their consulting services.

So here’s what you should do:

When you present data, ask yourself the question, “what does my audience gain from implementing my advice?” Then when planning your presentation make sure that every piece of information can be translated into a benefit statement. By making your information benefit rich your audience will be more motivated to take action, and will more readily accept you and your advice (oh by the way, that was a benefit statement, did you notice?)

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Elderly Care Services Within Your Own Premises

When you have ageing parents and grandparents to look after, it becomes difficult to balance your professional commitments with your duties at home. There must have been times when you had to leave your parents or grandparents back home and attend a meeting or a social gathering. In this kind of a situation, you can opt for live in care services.

Live in care comes with its share of benefits. These include:

It is important for the elders to retain their independence even when they have passed a certain age. Even when infirmity gets the better off you, you might hate to accept the fact that you would have to depend on somebody else for your day to day activities. If you move base, then you might have to leave your pets behind also. In that case, a live in care option might as well be the perfect way to resolve your problem.

Moving your place of residence is always a stressful affair and especially if you have to move your parents and grandparents in their advanced years, it becomes doubly stressful for them. Therefore you need to make sure that they do not have to undergo any kind of stress at this age. Elderly home care assures the fact that seniors do not have to be moved from their residence and they are taken care of within the comforts of their own home.

Such an arrangement assures that you can receive care at their own place and they do not even have to share their caregivers with that of others. They can therefore retain the services of a personalised caregiver.

When it comes to appointing someone for rendering such services, you can look for references amongst your friends and acquaintances, people who have availed such services in the past. You can also check the local business listings in order to gain information about such agencies that offer these kinds of services.

The elderly folk prefer to live in familiar surroundings in their advanced years and therefore it is not a wise decision at all to take them out of their home and shift them to a completely unknown territory. They would rather be happy enjoying the comforts of their own home.

The caregivers are present at your home round the clock and therefore you can be rest assured of the fact that the elders would be looked after even if you are not around. They can do multiple tasks including cooking, housework, shopping, and laundry and even running errands for tasks such as prescriptions, pensions and benefits. You can also seek administrative help from them for tasks such as making phone calls, filling up forms and also writing letters for them. They can also accompany them on their trips and give them company when they are all by themselves. If there is a medical emergency, they can help them with medicines, help you to bath and wash and even dress them up.

So if you have elderly people to look after, you can safely arrange for this kind of a settlement and enjoy its benefits.

Daniel Smith has been actively engaged with a Dublin care unit in Ireland. He offers his expert advice on Meath care through his blogs and articles and recommends for further information.