The Childhood Tradition of Giving Flowers

When we are born, we are blessed with “the art of gift giving” Remember as a child picking wild flowers and bringing the beautiful bouquets to Mother? We knew it would bring a beautiful smile to Mother’s face and it made us feel so good. She may have scolded us moments before for some minor misdeed, but all was forgiven when presented with our beautiful gift of flowers. Of course, her smile wasn’t as big when we picked her prize-winning Roses as it was when we gave her a fistful of Dandelions, Lilies of the Valley or Trilliums, but it was a smile just the same. We knew our simple gift made her so happy. We weren’t taught this timeless art of giving…it is a gift we are born with…it is part of who we are. We show that we Care…we Appreciate…we Love…with this simple act of giving flowers.

From this act of gift giving that started as a child, we carry on the tradition as we grow older. Remember the wildflowers from the boy or girl next door when we were eight years old? Then, it was our face lighting up in a big smile. Next, came our first prom…our first corsage…roses from our first love…the tradition continued from our teen years into adulthood.

We always remember our Mother with a visit or a telephone call and flowers every Birthday and Mother’s Day. When our best friend is feeling blue, our first response is to send a Rose. When our neighbor’s father dies, we immediately send flowers. Giving a Gift of Flowers, a simple act that started with that first fistful of flowers, has become a time honored tradition…to say I Love You…to say Thank You…to say I am Thinking of You…to say Get Well Soon…to say We Care.

The florists of today enable us to continue this childhood tradition of gift giving. They have extended our choices not only to flowers, but Chocolates, Gourmet Gift Baskets, Hand-Dipped Strawberries, Cheese, Wine, Fresh Fruit and so many more unique gifts. Online flower shops make it so easy for us to show the special people in our lives that we Care….we Appreciate…we Love.

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Valuable Home Health Products For the Elderly

Susan picked up her Father at the hospital. He had broken his hip 2 weeks ago and was finally being released. While she had considered moving him to a full-time rehabilitation center while he received physical therapy she ultimately decided to have him come and stay with her. The cost of full-time care, as well as her Father’s desire to live with family were two factors in her decision. Susan, a long time Covington resident had always had an easy time filling her Father’s NKY prescriptions. Now she was hoping that the pharmacy could also provide her with NKY home health products as she readied her residence for his stay. She wasn’t yet sure exactly what she needed for him, although she had a few ideas. She decided to consult with the pharmacy to see what items they had available for her purchase. As she talked with them, and kept in mind some of the suggestions the hospital nurses had offered, she came up with a list of very useful care products that just might make taking care of her Father a little easier. The following are suggestions from that list which may help someone preparing to have an ill, injured, or aging parent come to stay with them.

1. Let the one receiving care have access to a walker of wheelchair. Even in the case of someone who seems unable or unwilling to be ambulatory, having access to transportation assistance is a sound idea. For example, both of these items can be a real help in moving someone even the short distance from a bedroom to the living room. And just perhaps, as the patient feels stronger over time, the promise of being able to go out of doors might be just the incentive needed to encourage them to persevere through their discomfort.

2. Make use of an adjustable hospital bed. Beds such as these are a tremendous help to care-givers and patients alike. For the patient who is bed-ridden, being able to move the bed to a sitting position aids with meal time and gives a patient the chance for easier communication with any visitors who may stop by. Adjustable beds can be used by the patient without assistance from anyone else. The bed-ridden person can simply press a button to get just the right comfortable position.

3. Installing bath safety bars is an excellent idea. When a person is recovering from illness or fall, they often need assistance in the bathroom. In fact, bathrooms are real danger zones for the elderly in particular. Showering and toiletry can be very difficult to manage for one who is ill or injured. Bath safety bars can provide something solid to hold on to for the patient who is very unsteady on their feet. They can be used to assist someone attempting to stand or sit. Best of all, they are extremely easy to install.

Taking care of a parent, who is aged, ill, or injured is a stressful undertaking, but one many grown children do everyday. Fortunately, there are good products available to make care giving a bit easier.

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