Why We Prefer Giving To Receiving

Giving is important in many ways. When we give, we show people how much they are appreciated and loved. There are times when giving makes it easier to say things we can’t find words for. Giving allows us to feel the unique pleasure of being able to give happiness and love.

So many people around us, those that we meet everyday, help us make our day easier. There are postmen, delivery people, street cleaners, the bagger at the supermarket, our neighbours, even the babysitter. While giving does not mean giving gifts all the time, the gift of a kind word, encouragement, friendship, respect or even just a smile goes a very long way. There are so many people around us who work so hard to make our lives easier while being ignored by almost everyone else. Have you ever said “thank you” to the guy that picks up your garbage? If he wasn’t around, you would be in a stinky spot.

Giving our time and services to a worthy cause is also a very special thing. The gift of volunteering to tutor a child may be the greatest gift you can give a neighbor or a friend. Giving clothes and food to the needy makes you feel wonderful inside because you helped make someone’s life a little easier. In these tough economic times, every little bit counts.

Christmas is a time for giving love and gifts to friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. By taking the time to find a gift that will make others feel cared for, you will receive the gift of love in return. Just looking at the surprise and pleasure on people’s faces as they open their gifts can give you a high that is priceless.

Christmas gifts do not have to be expensive. Even a simple card can let someone know you care. The joy of giving brings such joy and rewards that is unmatched. The thrill of trying to find that perfect gift for your partner or boss can be exhilarating. Even an act of kindness towards someone makes us feel good about ourselves.

Giving carries with it a sense of satisfaction. You may never know that the small something that you thought would not mean much at all, may mean the world to someone else. And though giving has its own benefits, the willingness to give is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves.

When you give, it is more than parting with your money. It is also about having the awareness of the needs of other people in your life and making them our priority. When we give, we also have less worry about. Not only do we not have to store as much, but as you think back on your life, it’s easier to take pride in what you have done, rather than acquired.

Objects received can be lost, but acts of good will can never be taken away. In effect, by giving, we receive something greater. Receiving can be tough especially if what we receive is not exactly something we like or need. It can be so difficult to make that surprised face when we have just received gift that we would rather throw into the lake. Giving is much more pleasurable and exciting.

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Choosing Elderly Care For Your Loved One

It is a difficult decision that everyone must make at some point: choosing elderly care for your loved one. As the child or capable family member, it is now your responsibility to make the decision as to what type of care is best. Keep in mind that there are several options for your loved one; and there are also support organizations to help with this stressful process.

The first option for your senior parent is in-home care. This means having your elderly parent(s) move in with you so that you can provide all or most of their care. Though this may be a lower cost option for you, it may also mean more stress. The task of caring for a senior can be very daunting. Your job will be feeding, washing, dispensing medicines and changing adult diapers if needed. Various people may be entering your home to give your loved one any needed therapies. You can not be home all of the time so you may need to rely on the aid of other family members to help when you are not home.

Another elderly care option would be in-home with the assistance of various professionals. Nurses and/or elder care personnel can be hired to come to your home for several hours a day. Be sure to check references of any individual coming into your home to care for your parent. Often, churches have a network of individuals who can come to your home to help with various tasks (such as cooking, feeding, and more).

If your loved one has less than six months of life remaining, you can obtain Hospice care. Hospice is covered by most types of insurance and is able to assist in every aspect of caring for your loved one at home. A hospice team usually consists of doctors, clergy, nurses, and volunteers.

Nursing homes should also be considered for your senior parent. These homes are for those who can no longer care for oneself and need continual medical care. Nursing home facilities are staffed by doctors, nurses, aids, various therapists, and more. They constantly see to the medical and emotional needs of your loved one.

If your elderly parent is mobile but should not be alone, an assisted living facility may be the answer. This type of facility may be more like apartment living and is staffed with medical professionals just in case. Residents have the freedom to move about and enjoy various activities arranged by and supervised staff. They can take part in such things as dancing lessons, exercise classes and so on. Your loved one will have independence with the luxury of a medical staff if needed.

Remember that as this whole process is difficult for you, it is probably more stressful for your loved one. They might feel as though they are losing everything they have (including their freedom). They may also feel as though they are nothing but a burden now. Communicate with them. Ask for their input.

Also talk to their doctors to see what they feel might be the best for your parent. Choosing elderly care for your loved one will not be quite as stressful if you make use of all available support groups and if you keep the lines of communication open with everyone involved.

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