Dealing With Lost Love

I think about lost love a lot. The experience of lost love in past relationships is like a learning experience for me from which I try to learn as much as I can, so I never repeat that situation again. Lost love gives insight and understanding. Instead of wallowing in misery, I try to move forward with the new knowledge.

Lost love has happened a few times to me, as I’m sure it has to many people. Each time, it would feel like agony, my grief wearing on me like fire. I would feel like my love was gone forever and I would never find love again. Of course, I was always wrong. I would move forward, sometimes reluctantly, but always finding another love that would be stronger for my past experiences of love that I lost.

To quote from a famous movie, “Life finds a way.” What everyone needs to remember concerning lost love is that, like everything else, love has its own lifespan. Whenever I lost love, I had to remember that some lifespans are longer than others, and accepting it helped me move forward with my life. To experience joy again was the result of learning how to make sense of what had happened when I lost love.

Looking back over love that was lost and seeing that the lifespan of each of these events was actually longer than the one gone before it made me realize that with each experience of it, I was able to fine tune and improve the relationships each time, each time making them stronger than the time before. It may not have felt like a positive thing at the time, but I look back now and realize those were times of positive growth.

As with many people, every time I had the experience of lost love, I had the feeling that I would never again feel love, that it was gone forever. And of course, I was always wrong. I would find happiness again and joy. But at the time, happiness and joy would seem impossible to ever have again. I would move on, and eventually understand that each of these experiences made me stronger and taught me much about myself.

It became quite apparent to me that, even though I had lost love once, I would be able to have it again. I was not pre-ordained for loneliness for the rest of eternity, even though it might have felt that way at the time.

I came to realize that, with age and wisdom, relationships became stronger and lasted longer. The lifespan of a relationship grew, and had more power and influence in my life. The experience of love that was lost simply became a stepping stone for growth.

If you have lost love, do not let it bog you down. By understanding that it ultimately translates into positive growth, you will carry forward with strength and willpower, able to anticipate a brighter future with a resurgence of love, either rekindled from the old, stronger and better, or brand new with all the hopes and dreams of young love.

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Elderly Caregiver Ontario: Tips For Caring Elderly Parents, Elderly Spouses And Domestic Partners

Everybody wishes to be alive long but no one wants to raise old. Become old is an obvious, problem-ridden and adverse stage of life and human being is compelled to survive.

Perceiving panic old life is actually a rather recent phenomenon. It seems to increase as every day passes and life become more composite and less comprehensible. And if someone adds to these failing health and sickness the seen becomes filled with a sense of helpless despair. The old age situation seems unbeatable because the physical capability and mind resilience to deal with adverse situations are vastly reduced. And, to top it all, if there is no one else around to help, care and support, the fight becomes that much harder.
With aging a person goes through physical and social changes like
Chronic emotional and physical fatigue.
Internalized guilt.
Not understand the course or prognosis of the disease.
Irritation for self, the elder person, and other caregivers.
Social isolation.
Unexpected increase in financial burdens.
Complex legal issues.
Stress in own immediate family and relations.

That is why caring for an aging parent, elderly spouse, domestic partner becomes an extremely important issue. It should become a focus for all of us. Life is full of challenges with age in our society. When the older person feels secure and loved, there are fewer chances to be confused, agitated or aggressive by him/her. Encourage them to make as many decisions as possible because it helps them to feel in control and have a sense of value.
Do not rush to an older person. When you try to hurry up with activities, it may cause discontent and restlessness that can lead to an elderly friend or family member is confused.
Learn to listen. Good listening skills are always an advantage when it comes to the elderly population.
The elderly population has to show respect and value their life experiences. They are often very wise because of their age and will not communicate with you if you do not show respect for their knowledge.
Older populations have established routines. Do not try to change this as they find security staying with the same day to day routines.
Never criticize elderly person to being slow. This is a normal behavior of the aging process and all of us will be there some day.

But for families where both husband and wife are working, it is always a challenge to devote time to the elderly. With the ever increasing stress and lifestyle challenges, the young couple always fined it difficult to maintain a balance between career and family. This many a times also leads to added stress as they become guilt conscious about not being able to devote enough time to their parents. So what one should do in such situation? The solution lies in finding a right caregiver.

Elderly care giving services in Ontario are provided by many institutions. Experienced caregivers Ontario not only help the person in his/her daily works but also takes good care of his/her health. They understand the requirements of the elderly. They also reduce the burden of other family members who in turn can work effectively in their own fields. Otherwise the spouse or kids or other family member spending whole time taking care of the old member might feel exhausted.

Choosing the right Elderly caregiver in Ontario is also critical as you are going to let him handle your loved one. Go for a global company with superior professional services and dedicated staff having variety of specialized skills. Make the twilight years of your loving old relative easy, relaxing and less painful.

Starlet is HR manager at GC Nexus Group, a Elderly caregivers Ontario agency provides professional caregivers throughout Montreal and Toronto in Canada. GC Nexus offers elderly caregiving services live in caregivers, senior caregiver and elderly home care services for your parents and spouses by professional caregivers.