Special Programs For Senior Citizens On Directv During New Year

With New Year celebration going in full gusto it is obvious that people of United States will plunge into the fun fiesta to its maximum limit. The young lad and ladies will flock at the discos and pubs, while middle aged people prefer to go out for a night halt in some exotic location. In other words people of varied age groups have adopted various ways of enjoying New Year bash. There is another group of senior people who also want to welcome New Year in high spirits but due to physical incapability they remain more home bound. All these senior citizens want to sip into New Year fun from the comfy couch of their home. So for them DirecTV has brought out exclusive programs and shows.

In this way DirecTV, with a handful of channels have become the ultimate destination of all the senior and retired citizens of United States. For them DirecTV channels are the only means to peep into the world of entertainment and amusement and that is the reason why they have stay glued to TV set. The survey report also has revealed the fact that over the years, people between age group of 50 to 80 years have been drawn towards several programs of DirecTV in great numbers.

Now you may ask about the programs that have turned out to be hot favorite amongst these older folks. To begin with, programs on religion and spiritualism have been favorite domain of old buddies and so channel like Church Channel, CTN and many more are their ultimate hangout. Being a network from TBN the Church Channel broadcast all the exclusive church services from a wide variety of denominations like Protestants, Catholics and Jewish religious groups. At Christian Television Network (CTN), on the other hand, you can get to see a gamut of Christian programming including social issues and religious programs. For elderly males sports is an important mode of entertainment and that is why they take pleasure to watch all the cricket tournaments, famous football league, rugby matches and many more. As ultimate sports destination their favorite channel is ESPN channel. It is the most popular channel of United States that airs sports and gaming events round the clock and also related news features and information round the clock. They also watch other sports channels like NFL SUNDAY TICKET, NASCAR HotPass, ESPN GamePlanand many more.

There are quite a number of elderly people who are fascinated by the movies and film related shows. To entice them with complete movie entertainment DirecTV has offered premium movie packages and stuff. Starting from old classic movies, award winning flicks to all the latest arrivals of tinsel town they can watch them all at channels like HBO , Cinemax, Starz and many more.

Music has a great impact on the lives of these home centric elderly people. Avail the best of music industry at special DirecTV channels like Prime Country, Bluegrass Junction, Enlighten, and 2 Cinemagic.

Besides channels that airs special documentaries, news and all the social welfare programs and stuff have caught the attention of people. With DirecTV, they can get the mind-blowing experience of watching shows in exclusive HD mode. Stunning pictures, exclusive 1080p resolution and superb sound quality will take television experience to its new high.

Watch the exclusive shows for elderly people on DirecTV. Pick you chosen one from a range of exciting DirecTV packages. Needless to say, you will simply enjoy the satellite TV entertainment packages from DirecTV.

Foods That Are Healthy for Elderly People

First, brown rice: many people avoid foods containing sugar. But experts suggest eat some sugar which is essential for health. The elderly people can eat more foods rich in dietary fibers such as brown rice and cereals. Such foods can reduce the cholesterol and decrease the risk of getting vascular disease, rectal cancer, gall-stone, diabetes and obesity. Besides, they help keep the intestines functioning normally.

Second, egg: it is a good source of proteins and lutein, preventing cataract. Research found that egg can also prevent thrombus and significantly reduce the risk of getting infarction and stroke. Six eggs a week can reduce 44% possibility to get breast cancer. What’s more, 1-2 eggs per day can not raise the level of cholesterol and thus, elder people need no worry to eat eggs.

Third, milk: the need for calcium rises as the age increases. Thus, it is important to take more food rich in calcium. De- fat milk is a best choice because it supplies with calcium and prevents osteoporosis.

Fourth, spinach: it contains plenty of nutrients, such as iron, vitamin C, vitamin A and various anti- oxidants. Thus, it can prevent infarction and stroke, osteoporosis and rectal cancer. It also contains lutein , good to eyes.

Fifth, banana: a piece of banana contains 467 milligrams potassium which is a key to a strong myocardium. Besides, potassium can reduce the arterial blood pressure. Banana is a main source of fibers. It can prevent vascular disease, neutralize the excessive acid and help treat the stomachache.

Sixth, chicken: it is a most healthy meat whose rich proteins prevent osteanabrosis. It also contains rich selenium and vitamin B, preventing cancers, providing with the energy and strengthening the vitality of the brain.

Seventh, salmon: it contains much omega-3 fatty acid, which decreases the cholesterol and prevents cancers and thrombus. Research shows that it also can alleviate the depressive mood and prevent amnesia. Niacin in it can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. And thus, experts suggest elder people eat fresh or canned salmon three times per week. Besides, it is worth mentioning walnut is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acid.

Eighth, vaccinium myrtillus: it is low in calories and high in anti- oxidants. It can prevent cataract, gastric ulcer, cardiovascular disease, cancers, stroke, digestive tract inflammation and gastric disorders.

Ninth, herb: as the age rises, the gustatory sense of people becomes more insensitive and thus tender to add more salt in dishes. But too much salt can raise the blood pressure. Thus, add some herbs or spice in dishes instead of salt.

Tenth, garlic: it has many benefits. It can prevent cancers and vascular disease, reduce the risk of suffering from the stroke and kills the pain. Besides, it also helps treat diabetes.

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